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Over the years the Class of 1965 has raised money to benefit the LEHS Scholarship Program.  Scholarships are presented at the Senior Awards Night held the week of Graduation.  Each year, during the month of May, students are asked to submit the following to their guidance councelors if they wish to be considered for a scholarship:  local scholarship application, college acceptance letter, financial aid award letter from a college, student aid report from FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and transcripts.  The guidance counselors review the documents and begin granting scholarships / awards based on need and / or scholarship requirements.

The 1965 Reunion / Alumni Committee rely on the school guidance department to select a recipient or, if possible, the Committee will nominate a particular student.  Once a student is selected, a Committee Member or representative(s) from the Class of 1965 attends the award ceremony and presents the scholarship from the Class of 1965.

In conjunction with our 50th Reunion to be held on Sept 11, 2015, we challenged you, our classmates, to contribute to our scholarship fund.  We had high hopes of giving a one-time special $5000 LEHS Class of ’65 Anniversary Scholarship at this year’s Awards Ceremony.  We are proud to announce that with your generous donations and the extremely generous anonymous matching donor, we raised not $5000, but $7000!  Thanks to you all for meeting this challenge.  We presented not one, but THREE, scholarships at this year’s Lynn English High School Awards night.  We awarded two $1000 scholarships and a third, Fiftieth Anniversary Scholarship of $5000.  THANK YOU so much to everyone who donated and to our anonymous donor.

To date, we have raised over $20,000 for the scholarship program.  This is an on-going program and donations are encouraged and welcome at any time.  Please contact  us by clicking HERE  and we will be glad to send you a form with mailing instructions.  When you contact us, put “scholarship donation form” in the subject line.

 Donations from individuals are listed below.*

Class of 1965 Donations to LEHS Scholarship Program
(as of September 7, 2015)

Richard and Donna (Collins) Anderson

Jamie (Andrian) Blackstone)

Janice (Berry) Sciarretta

Lynnea Black

Beth (Blanchard) Magee

Fred Bollen

Linda (Boynton) Deveau

Therese (Brienzo) Goodridge

Deborah (Brown) Cooke

Dale Bryant

Frances (Buckley) Corcoran

Thomas Cahill

John Calef

Richard Callahan

Josephine Capano

Janice Cawlina

Maureen (Cerica) Arnold

Joyce (Clark) Patterson

Donna (Cole) Mulhane

Mackie (Collamore) Bastarache

Joyce Collier

Bert Conlon

Barbara (Connick) Osterfield

Betty (Courteau) Abbott

Vicki (Cowhig) Zimmerschied

Kathy (Dempsey) Welch

Janice (DiTullio) Fleming

Janet (Durgin) Atkinson

Don and Carol (Napierski) Ellis

Dave Emerton

Tom Fabrizio

Karen (Falke) DiSessa

Tony Ferrini

Helen Garrett

Mark Geller

John and Susan (Shapiro) Gold

John Gotimer

Jeri (Graham) Mullen

Nick Granese

Nancy (Granger) Melanson

Arlyne Grant

 Claudia (Haines) Janey

Chuck Hamilton

Robert Hartshorn

Katherine Hashian

Wayne Hathaway

Helen (Heffernan) Jennings

Donna (Hester) Shallow

Barbara (Hewson) Barclay

Linda (Hoey) Bergeron

Sharon (Holmes) Plummer

Karen (Hyde) Mancinelli

John Ihle

Sherry (Johnson) Traverse

Ed Jordan

Larry Kelleher

Linda (Ladd) Murray

Elaine (Laterza) Pare

Jeannette (LeBreux) Woodbury

Jean (MacLeod) Bruck

Bob Maleszyk

Margaret Marasco

Linda (Mark) Hayes

Kathleen (Martin) Ridlon

John McCarthy

Deborah (McCulley) Blossom-Miles

Donna McDonald

Alan McGrath

Kathy (McKinnon) Liston

Tom Mitchell

Melanie (Monbleau) Paul

Mary (Montejunas) Kaufman

Mary (Morrison) Robblee

Donna (Murphy) Lang

Eileen (Murphy) Messier

Haig Nalbandian

Bob Newhall

Jacqueline O’Donnell

Dick Olson

Helen (Pachucki) Carter

Ralph Palombo

Larry Patten

Carol (Pearson) Waterhouse

Jim and Dean (Therrien) Perkins

Bruce Phillips

Janice Pitkewicz

Mary (Powlesland) Commager

Anita Rassias

Robert Reid

Paula (Robinson) Akiba

Janet Rogalski

Pete Rowe

Jack Rummel

Susan Rummel

Ruthie (Ruocco) Troy

Anna-Marie (Ruth) Frederick

Christine (Sampson) Weston

Mike Schulze

John Sewell

Tim Sharpe

Eleanor (Shellgren) Starkenberg

Jane (Signor) Nauss

Francis Simone

Linda (Smith) Zimirowski

Pat (Stafford) Lebel

Sarah (Sternlieb) Scott

Karin (Stevens) Beaupre

Mary (Sullivan) Wright

Maureen (Trowel) Benedict

Charlie Tucker

Lynn (Urban) McNeil

Candy (Veinot) Lamberton

Janis Vose

John Warwick

Doug Waters

John Webster

Linda Witham

Steve Woodbury

Linda (Wurdeman) Curcuru

Paul Yacovitch

Marlene (Zollo) Aikins

*We apologize if we have omitted anyone (please let us know)

Our class has given out over $20,000 in scholarship awards to date and we hope to continue this important project to help support worthy LEHS students in their quest for knowledge.  In 2015, due to the generosity of our classmates and to a very generous anonymous matching donor, we gave out not one – $1000 scholarship, but 2 – $1000 scholarships and a special Fiftieth Anniversary $5000 scholarship.  The $1000 scholarships went to Edward Senn and Marni McManus.  The special Fiftieth Anniversary $5000 scholarship went to Thanh Dinh.


Nancy Messina $250

Lorraine Lurvey $250


Kelly Dejoy $750 (daughter of Mary Jo Kelly)

Lauren Melanson $750 (daughter of Nancy Granger)

Paul Cavanaugh Scholarship Fund Donation $250


Danielle Bastarache $150 (Daughter of Mackie Collamore)

Leslie Jennings $150 (Daughter of Helen Heffernan)


Kerry Basterache $250 (daughter of Mackie Collamore)

Amy Starkenberg $250 (daughter of Eleanor Shellgren)


William Cahill $250 (son of Tom Cahill)

Jason Donovan $250 (son of John Donovan)


Christine Dennisen $250 (Stepdaughter of Henry LeBlanc)

Karla Starkenberg @250 (Daughter of Eleanor Shellgren)


Lillian Amabile $250


Daniel Cahill $250 (son of Tom Cahill)

Susanne Olson $250 (Daughter of Dick Olson)


Michael Conlon $250 (son of Bert Conlon)

Lee Hartshorn $250 (son of Bob Hartshorn)


Joseph Conlon $250 (son of Bert Conlon)

Rebecca Ferrini $250 (daughter of Tony Ferini)


Mark DiSessa $250 (son of Karen Falke)


Andrea Long $250 (daughter of Donna Murphy)


Jeanne Genao $500


Jessica Wilson $250


Michael Orfanos $500


Kimberly Hartshorn $500 (daughter of Bob Hartshorn)


Minh Nguyen $500


Shirley Francis $500


Maura Coyle $500


Nick Comeau  $750


Bryan Henriquez Arguello  $1000


Barbara DaSilva  $1000


Emily Ladderbush  $1000


Edward Senn  $1000

Marni McManus $1000

Thanh Dinh $5000 (special Fiftieth Anniversary Scholarship)


Katelen Pangilinan  $1000

Castele Juslin   $1000

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