Photos from Past Reunions

Thanks to Eleanor (Shellgren) Starkenberg we have a number of photos from the 40th reunion at Gannon Golf Course.  Perhaps you are in some of them?  Maybe you can recognize someone you haven’t seen since high school.  Check out the 40th reunion photos page.  If you have additional photos suitable for public viewing contact us and we’ll make arrangements for the photos to be added.
40th photo 8

Address List and Communications Between Classmates

We have created page for people who want to make their contact information to other members of LEHS Class of 1965.  Note:  This is ONLY for members of LEHS Class of 1965.  If you want to know how to get your name on the list and how to get the contact information go to the Communications Between Members of Our Class Page.

The purpose of this page is to make it possible for old friends who have lost contact with each other to revive their old friendships.  All contact information remains secure.  The contact information will not be on the webpage, only the names of the people who want their contact information made available to other classmates.  The only people who can obtain this information are other members of LEHS Class of 1965.  As of August 10, 2010 we have the minimum number of names for the list to be published so check out the page for Communications Between Members of Our Class.

Please comment to make suggestions or ask questions.

Vietnam! We were just kids but…..

We may have been kids but we fought in Vietnam.  One of our classmates, Norman Grant, CPL – E4 Marine Corps,  gave his all for our country.  His tour of duty started on November 8, 1967 and was killed in action in Quang Nam, South Vietnam on August 23, 1968.   He was 20 years old.  He is buried in Pine Grove Cemetary in Lynn.  See our memorial list.

How many of our classmates served our country in Vietnam?  If you are one of our classmates who served in Nam, we would like to hear from you.  Please comment below.

Lynn, Lynn the City of Sin!

Sue Rummel provided this poem which brings back memories.  The author of the poem is unknown.  Does anyone have any photos of the old Fountain on the Common or the fireworks when they were in Manning Bowl?

We’ll Always Remember Lynn

Lynn is our home town

Quite a city in its day

If you didn’t make shoes or slippers

The G. E. provided your pay.


From City Hall to Market Square

The Commons on a Summer night

The fountains dancing in color

And a band concert, what a sight!


Bessie Rolfe, Magranes & Goddard’s

Wonderful stores to shop

And Grants, Burrows & Sanborn and Rogers

We knew them from bottom to top.


The Warner and the Paramount

The Waldorf and Olympia too

Six acts of vaudeville at the Capital

Plus a movie, cartoon and the news.


Street cars climbing Highland Circuit

The view from High Rock Tower

Going to Boston on the Narrow Guage

It must of taken hours.


Over at old St. Mary’s

By gender did we learn

Any mingling fo boys and girls

would be a moral concern.


And when 2:30 rolled around

and we were all “set free”

we beet feet over to Hennessy’s Spa

The real “in” place to be.


Hanover Circle and Surfside Road

Ocean Street with all the swells.

Broad and Lewis, Union and Market

And the dump with all the smells.


The balloon Lady on the 4th of July

The parades that made us proud

The fireworks exploding at Manning Bowl

To the delight and roar of the crowd.


The smell of coffee at J. B. Bloods

The Item and Telegram News

Choosing penny candy at the Red and Gray

And going to Musinsky’s for shoes.


The Boston and Maine crossing Central Square

Over Hovey’s and the Dover Smoker

Hunts and Hennessey’s and Connolly’s for fudge

Then Stilianos for a chocolate mocha.


I remember the beaches, I remember the Woods

I remember Lynn Shore Drive,

I remember the day we graduated

It’s remarkable we’re still alive!


Its been a few years fellow students

Since we passed each other in Lynn

But we’ll alwasys be proud we came from,

Old Lynn, that City of Sin!

LEHS on Facebook

Lynn English High (the 60’s) is a group on Facebook that was started by Jim Prendergast.  Jim wrote in the description of the group:

“Let’s see how many of the L.E.H.S. Baby Boomers we can get to join this group. This era was when muscle cars ruled, gas was cheap, and life was good…..really good.

The 60’s were the BEST! Join & share your memories, pictures, videos, etc. and enjoy the site.”

Jim has done a great job setting up the group and we should give him a lot of credit for a job well done.

Here are a couple of photos of Jim (yesterday and today):

Welcome to the LEHS ’65 Blog

image of bulldogs banner

Hello fellow 1965 classmates of Lynn English High School, Lynn, MA.  This is your website and will be a great source of information for you. 

In it you will find information on reunions and who is doing the planning and organizing of them, missing classmates, departed classmates, history, photos and a way to provide input for future reunions.  Continue reading Welcome to the LEHS ’65 Blog