Lynn English Today – Exterior Photos

Quite a few people have wondered what the old school looks like today.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to schedule a tour for everyone who wants to go.  To solve this problem, Sue Rummel and Bob Maleszyk took a tour of Lynn English on July 25, 2012. The tour allowed us to take numerous photos of the school both inside and out.  We will post the photos in a series of installments over the next few weeks.

Our tour guides were Shaday Imadiyi and Claudia Buruca.  Claudia is a senior at LEHS this year and Shaday will be attending Roxbury Community College in the fall.  Their photos will be included in one of the later installments of the gallery.

The first installment of photos are the exterior shots of the school.  While taking the outside photos, we happened upon a LEHS Cheerleader practice and the squad willingly posed for a photo.  Future installments will include interior shots showing how our alma mater has changed (or not changed) since we graduated.  We hope you enjoy strolling in and around the school via this photo gallery.  To see each image full size just click on the image.  When done viewing the larger image, just click “close” on the bottom of the photo.

The Paul F. Cavanagh Field House. 

Since we graduated, a rather large addition was made to the building.  This addition was the “Paul F. Cavanagh Field House”.  You will see some of the exterior of the new addition in this installment.  A separate installment will show the interior of the field hous.

In case you have forgotten, Paul Cavanagh was the co-captain of our football team, and a member of the basketball and baseball teams.  He was inducted into the LEHS Hall of Fame in 1996.  He died in an airplane crash in Maine in June, 1990.  His photo is on our Memorial Page.

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