Lynn English Today – The Paul Cavanagh Field House

The old gym became the new library.  The Paul Cavanagh Field House replaced it… and then some!  The field house contains two separate work out areas.  One is for the varsity sports athletes and the other is for the general population.  The field house contains the gym and locker rooms.  It also contains an area for the varsity sports coaching staff (which was locked when we visited).  We were there during the summer and there was activity in the gym and general population work out rooms.  Based on the wear on the equipment in the varsity sports work out room, it is also getting a good deal of use.

The Paul Cavanagh Field House was named for our late classmate, Paul Cavanagh.  He was active in 3 varsity sports (baseball, basketball and football).  He went on to Boston College to become an noted athlete there as well.  He became an FBI special agent and was killed in an airplane crash in 1990 in route to swat team training.

Also in this final installment of our photo tour of Lynn English today is a photo of our tour guides Claudia Buruca (a senior this year) and Shaday Imadiyi (currently attending Roxbury Community College).  They are posing with the statue of our school mascot, The Bulldog.

You can visit the other installments.  Click here to go to the first installment, the general exterior photos.  Click here to go to the second installment, general interior photos.  Click here to go to the third installment, the old gym and cafeteria.  And click here to go to the fourth installment, the new cafeteria.

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So, continue your stroll around the old school.  Don’t forget, click on the photo to see it full size.  When you are done looking at it, click on “close” on the bottom of the photo.

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