Lynn English Today – The Old Gym and Cafeteria

Remember the old gym (including the locker rooms, shower rooms and all)?  Well… it is now the new library!  And how about that cafeteria?  Well today it is basically classrooms including the Art Room.  This third installment of the pictorial tour of Lynn English today includes a limited number of photos of what used to be the gym and the cafeteria.

Quite frankly, Sue and I were a bit lost in the new area and it took us a bit of time to recognize the library as the old gym.  I believe the old art room was located in the front – center of the building on the second floor.  Do you remember?  If so, comment on the blog (home on main menu).  Both Sue and I couldn’t recall what happened to the old library (geee… did we have one?).  Maybe someone can tell us where it used to be if we had one.  If you want to make a comment, click on HOME under the main menu and make your comment at the bottom of the blog post.

The first installment of Lynn English Today photos is exterior photos.  The second installment is general interior photos.  Click on the links to go to those pages.

Enjoy this brief visit to the new Lynn English.  There are TWO more installments to come.  Remember….to see each image full size just click on the image.  When done viewing the larger image, just click “close” on the bottom of the photo.

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