Lynn English Today – The New Cafeteria

Well if the old cafeteria disappeared, what took its place?  A new facility located between the auditorium and the Paul Cavanagh Field House is the new cafeteria.  Remember our cafeteria?  Remember the fine decor?  The overcrowding?  The use of the cafeteria for study period and even classes?  The new cafeteria is bright and cheerful and as you can see in the photos below lacks all the things we remember.

The is the fourth (of five) installments of a pictorial tour of our alma mater today.  The first installment was the exterior of the building.  Click here to go to the exterior photos.  The second installment was the general interior photos.  Click here to go to general interior photos.  The third installment was a look at the old cafeteria and gym today.  Click here to visit the old cafeteria and gym.

If you are accessing the website from the email you received if you subscribe to the blog, you will come directly to this page and skip the home page.  If you want to make comments on any of the installments, you have to do that from the home page.  Just click the word home and you will go there.  You can’t make comments on this page so don’t spend time looking for a place to do that, go to the home page and you can make comments (and read other folks’ comments too).

Speaking of comments, does anyone remember if we had a library back in 1965?  Go to the home page and on the blog post for the third installment, make a comment to answer the question.

So, continue your stroll around the old school.  Don’t forget, click on the photo to see it full size.  When you are done looking at it, click on “close” on the bottom of the photo.

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