Lost Classmate List

We have tried, but we can’t find the classmates below.  If you are one of the these classmates or you know how to contact these classmates, please contact us and let us know.  If possible include the address, phone number and email address of the missing classmate.  We will put the maiden name in parentheses.  Note that some of the classmates didn’t graduate with our class but we are including their names in case they want to come to a reunion.  This list is continuing to grow as we are in the process of updating the address list.  Hopefully it will start to shrink as missing classmates are “found”.  We mailed invitations to some of these classmates and the invitations were returned to us (“return to sender”).  We haven’t completed the search for many of these people but perhaps if they see their name or someone they know sees their name and knows where they are it will make the search a little faster.

Steven Alpert

Judy Babigian

Phyllis Baum

Jeanne Brault

Carole Buzzell

John Callahan

Donna Connolly

Philip Cook

Mary Curley

Sandra Dennison

John Dole

Linda Dooley

Susan Dyer

Sharyn (Estey) Kelly

Thomas Frazier

Donna Gates

Janice Germano

Dorothy Govaars

Michael Haggerty

Anna Hall-Fluharty

Mike Hashian

Edward Hayes

Judith Hershberg

Donna Houle

Donna Howland

Richard Jones

Maryjane Keaney

John King

Paul Kirby

Susan (Krull) Germano

Marilyn Kucera

Donna Lawrence

Dana Leaffer

Earl LeGault

Juliette Leger

Barbara Lohnes

Joseph Luise

James MacDonald

Eileen Mackin

Eunice Marcure

Sabra Mayberry

James McCarthy

Carol McGlauflin

Robert McIntrye

Michael McManus

Susan Mitchell

Pamela Mohan

Robert Muller

Robert Murphy

Marjorie Murray

Joyce Nagle

Mathew Paige

Margaret (Paille) Blanchette

Michael Rodgers

Richard Rogers

Marty Sarkissian

Carol Schaller

Ronnie (Shub) Sinaikin

Wendy (Sisson) Morrisette FOUND May 2017

James M. Smith

Marsha Smith

Donna Soucy

Linda (Soucy) Collins

Joanne Springer

James Steph

Winifred Stevens

John Stone

Joan Tardif

Robert Tardif

Elaine (Teman) Freeman

Brian Turner

Maura P. Twomey

Jeffrey A. Wain

Thomas Weber

Linda E. Witwer

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