Communications Between Members of OUR Class

We can not release any of the contact information we gather without specific permission.  However, there are a number of people who would like to make their contact information available to other members of LEHS Class of 1965.  The purpose would be to revive old friendships from high school.

Below, you will find a list of names of people who have given written permission to send their names to other members of our class.  To get your name on the list, you must Contact Us and give us your written permission to give your contact information to other classmates from LEHS Class of 1965.

To get the contact information of names on the list, you must request it by Contacting Us.  NOTE:  Putting your name on the list is not a request to get a copy of the contact information.  You must request that separately.  An email will be sent to you with an Excel Spreadsheet attachment showing the contact information of those people whose names are on the list.  Note:  we can not eliminate certain parts of the contact information (ie your phone number) so if you don’t want all your contact information shared, please don’t put your name on the list.

If you don’t want your name on the list, but have a desire to contact a specific classmate, please Contact us.  We can help.

For those people who do not have email, please contact one of the members of the reunion committee via a Facebook message.  You will have to create your own Facebook page to be able to do this.  After all of the communications have taken place via Facebook messaging, you will be given instructions on where to send a self-addressed stamped business envelope to get the list.

The Current List of People on the List

Charlene (Alexander) Sevard

Brenda (Alger) Connelly

Barbara (Allen) Latham

Jamie (Andrian) Blackstone

Donald Baillie

Sheila (Baritz) Ganz

Carol (Blomster) Drane

Fred Bollen

Richard Bowlby

Linda (Boynton) Deveau

Temma (Brown) Effron

Dale Bryant

Marcia (Buckley) Bergeron

Norma (Bugden) Gaudet

Lornie Bullerwell

Howard Burnett

Jo Capano

Maureen Cerica-Arnold

Dianne (Clark) Atkins

Joanne (Clifford) Perlino

James Cogen

Anthony Colangelo

John Collier

Joyce Collier

Linda (Coombs) Tilly

Barbara (Cooper) DiTomaso

Mary (Cronin) Lopresti

Christie Dean

Mary Doveas-Pitzi

Sandra (Downs) Thomas

Kerbert Elliott

Bette (Ellis) Paquet

David Emerton

Bruce Fisher

Francis Fitzgibbons

June (Flagg) Lawrence

John Fournier

Helena (Francullo) Walsh

Marylene (Gaudet) Devaney

John Gold

Ann (Gordon) Carter

John Gotimer

Judy (Goudey) Johnson

Jeri (Graham) Mullen

Nancy (Granger) Melanson

Diane (Guarino) Sykes

Chuck Hamilton

Wayne Hathaway

Eileen (Healey) Palmacci

Sharon (Holmes) Plummer

Donna (Hudson) Saxonis

Donna (Hutton) Sofranas

John Ihle

Eileen “Lee” (Jackson) Kalapinski

Robert W. Johanson

Pat (Johnson) Morley

Sherry (Johnson) Traverse

Dr. Marilyn (Kaufman) Labovitz

Rev. /Dr.  Scott Kavanagh

Linda (Ladd) Murray

Elaine (Laterza) Pare

Adrienne (LeGault) Gordon

Peter LeLecas

Lester Libby

Nancy (Loman) Scanlon

Richard Lorette

John MacDonald

Kristine (MacLean) Bourgeois

Gail (Magulas) DeSanctis

Meredith (Magee) Marcinkewicz

Bob Maleszyk

Margaret Marasco

Linda (Mark) Hayes

John Martin

Kate (Martin) Ridlon

Sharon (Mathews) Fera

Deborah (McCulley) Blossom

Alan McGrath

Kathleen (McKinnon) Liston

James Middleton

Linda (Morley) Cameron

Mary (Montejunas) Kaufman

Joanne (Morris) O’Grady

Mary (Morrison) Robblee

Kathleen (Mulkern) Collins

Eileen (Murphy) Messier

Marilyn (Murphy) Collins

Louis (Murray) MacMaster-Thibeault

Paul Nardone

Beverly (Nash) Bartolomeo

Robert Newhall

Maureen (O’Day)  Sanders

John O’Neil

Patricia O’Neil

Lois (Oxner) Bushman

Mary (Pawley) Stadum

Carol (Pearson) Waterhouse

Ruth (Pelletier) Simpson

Ruth Pettis

Bruce Phillips

Mary (Powlesland) Commager

James Prendergast

James H. Prunier

Robert Reed

Robert Reid

Bette (Roach) Manchester

Paula (Robinson) Akiba

Janet Rogalski

Peter Rowe

Jack Rummel

Sue Rummel

Christine (Sampson) Weston

Marcia (Sanborn) Roach

Paul Saxonis

Mike Schulze

John Sewell

Susan (Shapiro) Gold

Tim Sharpe

Eleanor (Shellgren) Starkenberg

Jane (Signor) Nauss

Frank Simone

Karen (Sliney) Morris

Jane (Smith) McWane

Maureen Smith

John Sonia

Charles Spinale

Patricia (Stafford) Lebel

Sarah (Sternlieb) Scott

Karin (Stevens) Beaupre

Mary (Sullivan) Wright

Geraldine “Dean” (Therrien) Perkins

Janet (Thomas) Scholz

Joan (Vaganis) Plummer

John Warwick

Doug Waters

Diane (Weiner) Lupo

Bradley Wentworth

Jeanne (Wood) Carignan-Mitchell

Pamela (Woods) Larchez

Linda (Wordeman) Curcuru

Paul Yacovitch

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