LEHS Awards Night — Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our Class was once again able to give two $1,000 scholarships this year thanks to some generous donations this spring.  Thanks to Alan McGrath for volunteering to present our scholarships at the LEHS Award’s Night.  The Committee decided to give a scholarship to ROTC students since so many gave their time entertaining us and leading us touring the school the day after our 50th reunion on 9/12/15.
The two recipients of our scholarships are Marlene Rivera and Betsy Rodas Escobar.
Marlene ranks 23rd out of a class of 339 and is on the National Honor Society.  She plans to attend UMass Amherst where she will pursue pre-medical studies.  She attained the rank of Cadet Colonel while holding the billet of Cadet Commander.  She is a member of the Lynn English MCJROTC Lady Bulldogs Drill Team which has performed and earned many awards at local, city, state and national competitions.
Betsy ranks 70th out of the class and has been on the honor roll since the 10th grade.  She plans to attend Emmanuel College to pursue neuroscience.  She has been the lead coordinator for the LEHS American Red Cross Blood Drive for the past two years which has been a huge success.
In addition to their individual accomplishments, they each have a mile-long list of events they have volunteered for over the past years all the while putting in hundreds of hours in the ROTC program.  Marlene and Betsy have both worked very hard, and we wish them much success in their future endeavors!
Alan was most impressed with both young ladies shown in photos below with the famous “Bulldog”!


Betsy Rodas Escobar and Marlene Rivera

For future scholarships, we would be happy to consider any grandchildren of  classmates graduating from LEHS in good standing and going on to further their education after high school.  Please keep that in mind for next year if you have a graduating grandchild.

Update to Lunch with the girls May 25, 2017

As many of you noticed and pointed out to me, there were 14 members in the picture and only 13 names.

I did a cut and paste of the names supplied to me, so Elaine Laterza, it was not me who left you out.  I have corrected the caption in the original posting.

Elaine, since I took a lot of heat for this, and you were left out I think it would be only fair that “Picture taker” take us to Richardson’s for an Ice Cream.

two Updates

Classmate Linda (Mark) Hayes sent us an email notifying us that we can remove Wendy (Sisson) Morrisette from the Lost Classmates List.

Regrettably class mate Richard Smith’s Picture was removed from the Memorial page.  The picture has been reinserted.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Yesterday (April 1, 2017) I was doing some site cleanup in anticipation of the  annual Scholarship announcements.

I deleted some older posts, and moved some to locations that made more sense to me.  There was no intention to publish to the members.  I have no idea why this happened, and am sorry for any confusion it caused.

I will warn you in advance that I will be doing some more housekeeping in the near future, and hopefully things will not get away, but since I do not know what caused this last publishing, I fear it may happen again and request you patience.

Lester Libby

Life is Good… Here’s Proof!

Recent Get Together at Anthony's Hawthorne in Swampscott

 Note:  click on the photo to make it bigger.  Hit back arrow to go back.

Front Row (seated):

Linda (Hoey) Bergeron, Marcia (Sanborn) Roach, Gail (Minton) Hickey

Standing (left to right):

Maureen (O’Connor) Hendersen, Karen (Hyde) Mancinelli, Jan Cawlina, Eleanor (Shellgren) Starkenberg, Linda Witham, Helen (Heffernan) Jennings, Mary (Montejunas) Kaufman – in town from CA, Kathy Hashian, Janet (Thomas) Scholz, Janet (Durgin) Atkinson

New Page: “Classmate Activities”

A page has been created for each of us to post something special that is happening in our lives.  Be it a new grandkid, a new job, retirement, writing a new book, or anything you consider special about yourself (or your family).  Please remember, no phone numbers, addresses or email addresses.

Keep your postings free of political or controversial topics.  Your postings will be edited as necessary.  Please do not solicit anything on the site.  Postings advertising something “for sale” will not be posted as will any postings in bad taste.

To place something on the page, just use contact and an email will be sent to our class email address.  If you have a photo that you want to post, just put a comment in that you want to put a photo up for others to see.  We will contact you and give you instructions.

Our initial posting is by Lina Rehal who is announcing a book signing for her new book.  Check it out on the Classmate Activities page.

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