Support Our Scholarship Program

Hello everyone.  This website is for Lynn English High School Class of 1965.  It is free for you to use and we don’t like asking for money.

BUT…. we DO award scholarships to deserving Lynn English High School Seniors and would like to continue to do so.  We have a page on this site which explains our Scholarship Program and we hope you check it out.  Click on Scholarship Program under the Main Menu or just click the highlighted words Scholarship Program in this posting.  They all go to the same place (hint hint).

The Scholarship Program is funded by your donations.  During a reunion year, there is a place on the reunion registration form to add a donation as you pay for your reunion tickets.   Most of the money in our scholarship bank account comes from money that is donated during reunion years.  Not very much comes in during off years.   Deserving students can use every small amount of financial help they get to help pay for skyrocketing college tuition and expenses.  We would like to continue to fund our Scholarship Program in the off years and perhaps increase the amount we give as our bank account allows.

So we are asking for donations.   Many of us are retired and on fixed incomes.  Under those circumstances, donations may not be possible.  But  if you can find a way, please make a donation.

All the donations will go to Pat (Johnson) Morley who will make sure the money is deposited in our LEHS Class of 1965 bank account.  For everyone’s protection, we have a policy of not posting contact information on this website.  So to make a donation, please request a scholarship donation form by clicking on CONTACT  under the Main Menu and requesting a Scholarship donation form.  We will email you a scholarship donation form which you can print, fill out and send to Pat via US Postal Service.  Her address is on the donation form.  By the way, if you don’t have email, just ask us to mail you the form and we will.

You can also update your contact information (which is great to do annually even if it hasn’t changed) and request a scholarship donation form at the same time by clicking on Address Update Form under the Main Menu.  When you send the address update, just request a scholarship donation form in the box for “anything else you want to add?” at the bottom of the address update.  Don’t forget to include your phone number in the address update form.

That concludes this request for money… something we REALLY don’t like doing, but sometimes we just have to do it.  Please don’t forget to visit the Scholarship Program page and see who contributed in the past year (mostly at the 45th reunion) and a list of all the award recipients over the years.


Scholarship Fund Update (March 2011)

Our 45th reunion in September, 2010 was a great time and we raised over $4400 for our Scholarship Fund.  THANKS to everyone who contributed and who attended the reunion.

Thanks to Sue Rummel’s hard work and persistence, LEHS golf towel sales raised over $625.  Sue indicates that there are a limited number of grey golf towels for sale at $20 each.  If you want one or more, please contact us and Sue will get back to you with details.

Grey Golf Towels

The 50/50 raffle at the reunion raised another $375 for the Scholarship fund.

Most importantly, donations from individuals and the small difference between the actual cost of the reunion the fees charged for the reunion raised approximately $3400 more.

The Scholarship Program is an on-going effort and donations are encouraged and welcome at any time.  If you are interested in making a donation to the scholarship fund, please contact us and we will send you a scholarship donation form with mailing instructions.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Honor Role of Donations from Individuals is listed below.*

Bulldog “Plus” Status (over $100)

This special category was created for our late classmate, John Calef, who donated the largest donation to date ($500) before he passed away in 2008

Bulldog Status ($51 – $100)

Jaime (Andrian) Blackstone

Bert Conlon

Janet (Durgin) Atkinson

Jeri (Graham) Mullen

Arlyne Grant

Robert Hartshorn

Janice Pitkewicz

Christine (Sampson) Weston

Tim Sharpe

Eleanor (Shellgren) Starkenberg

John Warwick

Red Status ($26 – $50)

Thomas Cahill

Richard Callahan

Don and Carol (Napierski) Ellis

Larry Kelleher

Bob Maleszyk

Jack Rummel

Karin (Stevens) Beaupre

Charlie Tucker

Grey Status (up to $25)

Dale Bryant

Frances (Buckley) Corcoran

Josphine Capano

Dave Emerton

Tony Ferrini

Mark Geller

Katherine Hashian

Chuck Hamilton

Sherry (Johnson) Traverse

Linda (Ladd) Murray

Karen (Hyde) Mancinelli

Ed Jordan

Margaret Marasco

Kathleen (Martin) Ridlon

John McCarthy

Eileen (Murphy) Messier

Tom Mitchell

Haig Nalbandian

Jacqueline O’Donnell

Dick Olsen

Helen (Pachucki) Carter

Ralph Palombo

Mary (Sullivan) Wright

*we apologize if we have omitted anyone (please let us know)

Tis the Season!

We recently were able to obtain the supplies for a limited number of Golf Towels.   One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the golf towels goes to our Scholarship Program.

This time the only color available is for a grey towel with red Bulldog head and lettering.  So order your towels NOW for Christmas $20 each plus shipping.  The Shipping charge will be $3.00 per shipment (multiple towels can be shipped together).  If you want to pick the towels up in person you can eliminate the shipping charges.

There’s still time for Santa to deliver a great gift for LEHS golfers.  Note:  the graduation year is not on the towel so it is suitable for any LEHS graduate.  Remember the proceeds from the sale will go to our scholarship program for LEHS Grads.

Please contact us for details on how to order.  Put “Towels” in the Subject Line.  Sue Rummel will get back to you with details on how to order.

Here is a photo of the towels.  Click on the photo for a larger image.  Remember, only the grey towels with red lettering is available.

Grey Golf Towels

Reunion Update (10/6) and Other Info

The 45th reunion is behind us.  We had 123 classmates at the reunion.  Plus a few teachers.  We will be looking forward to the 50th next.  Check out the photos and who attended the 45th.

We are still searching for classmates who have not updated their contact information.  The intent is to make it possible to contact all classmates for the 50th reunion.  If you haven’t updated your contact information (or are not sure), please fill out the new address update form for doing so.

Please check the Lost Classmate List to help us find people who we have tried to contact, but have been unable to either because the address / phone number we have is incorrect or because the classmate hasn’t replied to messages.  If a classmate doesn’t reply to a message it is either because they don’t want to or we left a message at an incorrect number (we can’t tell which).

We hope that all our classmates have considered giving to the Class of 1965 scholarship program.  Please visit the Scholarship Program Page for details on how to give to the program. 

We are trying to identify which of our classmates served in the military (especially in Vietnam).  Please contact us if you did.

Some classmates indicated they would like to contact their fellow classmates.  Unless we have specific permission to release contact information (only to fellow LEHS65ers) we can not do so.  Please visit the page for Communications between Classmates for details on who is on the list, how to give permission (and get on the list) and how to get the contact information of people on the list.