50th Reunion Photos of EVERYONE (not quite)

Hello everyone,

We have a ton of photos posted on our 50th reunion photo gallery (click HERE to go there) and a lot more posted on our 50th reunion school tour, ROTC and cheerleader presentation photo gallery (click HERE to go there).

With all those photos you would think that everyone who attended the reunion would be in at least one photo.  Well…. we have a bunch of people (see below) who didn’t make it into at least one photo.  If one of your photos has one or more of these folks in it, please send that photo to me.  Just click on CONTACT and I will tell you how.  It would be great if EVERYONE who attended was in, at least, one photo.

Here are the people who didn’t make it into at least one photo:

Lynnea Black

Howie Burnett

Betty (Courteau) Abbott

Victoria (Cowhig) Zimmerschied

Mary (Cronin) LoPresti

Don Cyr

Ernest Deland

Carol (Dutch) Cyr

Patricia Gately

Kathy (Gness) Amara

Nick Granese

Chuck Hamilton (I was able to get his image out of the group school tour photo)

Eileen (Jackson) Kalapinski

Jean (MacLeod) Bruck (I was able to get her image from a checking in photo)

Donna McDonald

Gail (Minton) Hickey

Louise (Murray) Thibault

Gail (Parsons) LaVoie

Bruce Phillips

Anna-Marie (Ruth) Frederick (I was able to get her image from the veterans’ group photo)

Bob Safford (who attended the school tour only)

John Sewell

Maureen Smith

Bruce Thorne

Maureen (Trowel) Benedict

Lynn (Urban) McNeil

Patricia (Weldon) Bormann

Donna (Winslow) Cronin

50th Reunion Photos

Photos from the 50th reunion are being posted under Photo Galleries. Use the down arrow (▼) on Photo Galleries in the Main Menu to see all the photo galleries (including the 50th reunion photo gallery and the 50th reunion school tour photo gallery.

More will be published when the come in.  So check back occasionally to see the new ones.  I am currently trying to put names to faces in about 200 photos I have received from Faith Hocter who took many photos at both the reunion and on the tour.  As soon as I finish this task, I will be posting a whole bunch of photos.  I do want people to send in photos however because I noticed that some people actually didn’t make it into the pile of photos I have and I am hoping other people have some to make sure we get everyone onto the website!  To send me electronic copies of your photos use CONTACT and request my home email address (or click HERE).

Here is a photo provided by Debbie (McCulley) Blossom:

Mike Hickey, Paul Toner, Debbie McCulley, and Joe Milo
Mike Hickey, Paul Toner, Debbie McCulley, and Joe Milo

Faith Hocter took many of the photos in the 50th Reunion Photo Galleries and also supplied the Overhead projector for the PowerPoint presentation during the reunion.  She did this at no charge to our class. We thank her for her wonderful contribution.

Faith Hocter

Who Will Attend the 50th Reunion?

A page (50th Reunion Attendance Page) has been created which will be updated fairly frequently.  It will list the names of people who have confirmed that they are coming to the 50th reunion.  Since we haven’t announced when and where the reunion will be yet, the page is basically blank.  To check the page out either click on it near the bottom of the list on the right, or click HERE.  It will fill up as we get closer.

Now don’t jump the gun and start sending in your names.  We do have to PAY for the reunion.  How much also still has to be determined.  But I do warn you, the names that go on the page will be people who commit to go to the reunion with their payment.

Fred Bollen requested something like this for our website and I think it is an excellent idea.  I do hope the reunion will be well attended and, perhaps, seeing the names of people you may know  might just encourage you to go yourself.

I won’t be doing any blog posts to announce when names have been added, so you are going to have to check into the website occasionally and check the page.

Just as an update, we have not selected a venue, style of reunion, date or cost yet.  That is still a work in progress.  So, you still can click on the comments below the next post (Our 50th Reunion… 2015) to make your suggestion.  But the ball has started to roll and the decisions will be made very soon.

OUR 50th REUNION… 2015

Hello everyone,

The reunion committee has started the planning work for our 50th reunion in 2015.  Very shortly, they will be meeting with an event coordinator at one of the venues to discuss “possibilities” on what the reunion will look like.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO PROVIDE YOUR INPUT.

Do you want a sit down dinner, a buffet dinner, roving servers providing finger food with perhaps a salad table?  Do you want some other activities like a tour of the school or perhaps something else?  Do you have any ideas you want to share with the reunion committee?  If you do, click HERE and tell us about them.  Don’t wait …. NOW is the time to provide input while things are still be planned.  A planning meeting is less than 2 weeks from today.  The ball is rolling to our 50th reunion!

Ideas will be posted as comments to this post.  You may tell us to post the comments anonymously if that is your preference.  Remember, once we have made the plans, it will be difficult to change them… so NOW IS THE TIME.

Hopefully, everyone will want to attend this reunion.  If you are shy or feel you didn’t know many of your classmates, try to contact the people you did know to join up for the reunion.  There is a page called “Communication Between Members of our Class” to see who has made their contact information available for sharing.  Even if someone hasn’t made their information available, we can provide help in connecting people together.  Just let us know by clicking CONTACT.  If you haven’t updated your contact information you better do it or you might miss out on important reunion related communications.  Update your contact information by clicking the “Address Update Form“.

You may also post your ideas directly by clicking the “comment” line immediately below this paragraph.  It will either say “add a comment” or it will say “X comments” where X is a number.  You can read the comments by clicking on the same comment line as well.

DETAILS of the 50th Reunion (2015)

Nope… not available yet.  BUT…. NOW is the time to give your input.  WHERE do you want the reunion?  Do you want the reunion to be a weekend affair with the 50th reunion proper on one of the nights?  How do you want the reunion to come off (buffet style food, formal dinner, all night finger food, no food at all)?  What other things do you want to see at the reunion?  Use your imagination and provide input to the reunion committee.  How do you make your suggestion? 

  • One way is to click CONTACT  and send a private message to the committee (make sure you tell us to publish your suggestion anonymously if that is your desire).  If you don’t tell us to make your suggestion anonymously we will publish your name with the suggestion.
  • Another way is to COMMENT (look directly below THIS post).  Look for the the words “add a comment” (if there are none) or “x comments” where “x” is the number of comments.   Click on that and your comment will go on line once it has been approved (I watch for spam).

Things you should consider when making your suggestion:

  • Cost (can everyone afford it?)
  • Location (how will everyone get there?)
  • Facility size (will the crowd fit?)
  • Seating arrangements? (if you want a sit down dinner)
  • Lead time? (some venues require booking well in advance and generally need to know about how many people are going)  By the way, if you want to help with this, it might be helpful to let the reunion committee know, NOW, that you intend on going to the reunion.  We may also need a deposit if we have to pay for booking up front (of course that hasn’t been even discussed yet).

NOTE:  Usually I don’t see many responses to posts.  I hope that will change with this post.  It is important to make your feelings known.  I am looking forward to publishing lots of suggestions (even the suggestions are the same).

As of today, there is at least one comment.  Check it out below.


Fifty Years!

In 2015, the Class of 1965 will be celebrating our 50th anniversary.  Please start thinking about the reunion that year.

Will it be a single evening reunion (like our previous reunions) or will it be a weekend affair?  Will it be someplace close to the City of Lynn or will it be further away?  Somethings will be important… the number of people attending will determine the size of the venue.  It would be awful to select a venue that is too small forcing the “first come first serve” attendance plan.  On the other hand if we pick a venue to handle the entire class and only a hundred or so people show up then the cost per person would be very high!  So the earlier the reunion committee knows about who will be attending the better the planning will be. 

Cost is important.  Many of us are on limited incomes and can’t afford an expensive shindig.  On the other hand, many will be travelling many miles to attend and may want to build in a vacation around the reunion.  Should we have a sit down dinner, buffet or just food available to graze?  If we have a sit down dinner, who will make the seating arrangements?  Should we have our photos taken or have a group photo?  The more time we take to set up photos the less time we have to roam around and see people we went to school with…but a photo would be a nice remembrance.

Although it is pretty early to make plans, it is time to start thinking and making your desires known.  Speak up by commenting either in public (below this posting) or making a private comment by clicking on CONTACT.

This is your opportunity to make your desires heard!

Scholarship Fund Update (March 2011)

Our 45th reunion in September, 2010 was a great time and we raised over $4400 for our Scholarship Fund.  THANKS to everyone who contributed and who attended the reunion.

Thanks to Sue Rummel’s hard work and persistence, LEHS golf towel sales raised over $625.  Sue indicates that there are a limited number of grey golf towels for sale at $20 each.  If you want one or more, please contact us and Sue will get back to you with details.

Grey Golf Towels

The 50/50 raffle at the reunion raised another $375 for the Scholarship fund.

Most importantly, donations from individuals and the small difference between the actual cost of the reunion the fees charged for the reunion raised approximately $3400 more.

The Scholarship Program is an on-going effort and donations are encouraged and welcome at any time.  If you are interested in making a donation to the scholarship fund, please contact us and we will send you a scholarship donation form with mailing instructions.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Honor Role of Donations from Individuals is listed below.*

Bulldog “Plus” Status (over $100)

This special category was created for our late classmate, John Calef, who donated the largest donation to date ($500) before he passed away in 2008

Bulldog Status ($51 – $100)

Jaime (Andrian) Blackstone

Bert Conlon

Janet (Durgin) Atkinson

Jeri (Graham) Mullen

Arlyne Grant

Robert Hartshorn

Janice Pitkewicz

Christine (Sampson) Weston

Tim Sharpe

Eleanor (Shellgren) Starkenberg

John Warwick

Red Status ($26 – $50)

Thomas Cahill

Richard Callahan

Don and Carol (Napierski) Ellis

Larry Kelleher

Bob Maleszyk

Jack Rummel

Karin (Stevens) Beaupre

Charlie Tucker

Grey Status (up to $25)

Dale Bryant

Frances (Buckley) Corcoran

Josphine Capano

Dave Emerton

Tony Ferrini

Mark Geller

Katherine Hashian

Chuck Hamilton

Sherry (Johnson) Traverse

Linda (Ladd) Murray

Karen (Hyde) Mancinelli

Ed Jordan

Margaret Marasco

Kathleen (Martin) Ridlon

John McCarthy

Eileen (Murphy) Messier

Tom Mitchell

Haig Nalbandian

Jacqueline O’Donnell

Dick Olsen

Helen (Pachucki) Carter

Ralph Palombo

Mary (Sullivan) Wright

*we apologize if we have omitted anyone (please let us know)

45th Reunion Photos.

Over 100 photos from the 45th reunion and from the golf tournament earlier in the day.  You will find them located on the pages of the website called 45th reunion photos and 45th reunion golf photos.

Hey folks, if you check the comments you will find that there is an interest in knowing who is who.  The photos do have a file name, just put your cursor on it and you should see it.  So if you care to send a message via CONTACT, captions will be put on the photos with some names to go with the faces.  A few have been done and more will be.  In addition to ID’s, humerous captions are welcome…keep ’em clean!!!

We have several sets of photos from diffenent sources.  If you send your photos in we will credit you.  Please thank the folks who are sharing these great memories.

Jim Prendergast from Facebook “Lynn English High (the 60’s)”. 

A group of photos from the golf tournament courtesy of Judy (Goudey) Johnson.

I stole (er borrowed) a group of photos of Lina Rehal‘s Facebook page.

Karen (Hyde) Mancinelli not only gave us a lot of photos but spent hours putting captions on the photos.

Jack Rummel brought his professional camera and expertise and took some great photos … HOW did you get all those people to laugh so hard Jack?  Jack is not only one of our classmates but he is a professional photographer.  His website is listed in our links section.  Check him out!

Here is a photo from Pamela (Gunter)  Roi via Peggy Cass!

Peggy Cass and Pamela (Gunter) Roi

Reunion Update (10/6) and Other Info

The 45th reunion is behind us.  We had 123 classmates at the reunion.  Plus a few teachers.  We will be looking forward to the 50th next.  Check out the photos and who attended the 45th.

We are still searching for classmates who have not updated their contact information.  The intent is to make it possible to contact all classmates for the 50th reunion.  If you haven’t updated your contact information (or are not sure), please fill out the new address update form for doing so.

Please check the Lost Classmate List to help us find people who we have tried to contact, but have been unable to either because the address / phone number we have is incorrect or because the classmate hasn’t replied to messages.  If a classmate doesn’t reply to a message it is either because they don’t want to or we left a message at an incorrect number (we can’t tell which).

We hope that all our classmates have considered giving to the Class of 1965 scholarship program.  Please visit the Scholarship Program Page for details on how to give to the program. 

We are trying to identify which of our classmates served in the military (especially in Vietnam).  Please contact us if you did.

Some classmates indicated they would like to contact their fellow classmates.  Unless we have specific permission to release contact information (only to fellow LEHS65ers) we can not do so.  Please visit the page for Communications between Classmates for details on who is on the list, how to give permission (and get on the list) and how to get the contact information of people on the list.

Photos from Past Reunions

Thanks to Eleanor (Shellgren) Starkenberg we have a number of photos from the 40th reunion at Gannon Golf Course.  Perhaps you are in some of them?  Maybe you can recognize someone you haven’t seen since high school.  Check out the 40th reunion photos page.  If you have additional photos suitable for public viewing contact us and we’ll make arrangements for the photos to be added.
40th photo 8