Searching for lost classmates… the search continues!

Hello everyone.  I am hoping that someone sees this post and responds.  This is to update you with some statistics concerning our search for all of our classmates.  We are searching for 647 classmates (total) including some people who didn’t graduate from LEHS because they either dropped out or moved to another high school during their senior year.  Of those, we have contact information on 401 people and we know of 66 who have passed away.  If you have been contacted by one of the LEHS search members and have provided your contact information, update your contact information every-so-often to make sure we have it correct.  Just use the Address Update Form.

That leaves 179 with dubious contact information.  Of those we know of one or two people who have decided not to give us any contact information and we have 101 people we have been unable to reach (for whatever reason).  Those 101 people have contact information that needs to be updated.  Their names are on the Need Update Contact Information List

Another 77 people are considered “missing or lost”.  Their names are on the Lost Classmate List.

Recently we have received some unsubstantiated information that some of our missing classmates are no longer with us.  I repeat… UNSUBSTANTIATED.  This presents us with a dilemma.  Do their names belong on the Memorial List??  Six of our classmates are listed below who may have passed away.  If you have ANY information on these folks (or any of the 180 people with dubious contact information) please contact us.  Thank you in advance for your help.  We all hope that we are mistaken with

Here are the names of the six members:

Ernest A. Hoffman
Henry E. LeBlanc
Earl F. LeGault
James J. McCarthy
Robert J. McIntyre
David Santos

Still Searching for Missing (Lost) Classmates

We are still searching for lost classmates.  As of today, we have 203 classmates who are missing or we haven’t got to contacting.  If you have any knowledge of a classmate wear-abouts, please let them know of our class website and please let us know as well.  Please contact us if you know of anyone.  Please check the lost classmate page to see who is missing.  If you are reading this message and your name is on the lost classmate list, please use the update address information form (to the right) and update your contact information.  Also, if your contact information has changed, please let us know using the update address information form.

I am pleased to report that one of our “lost classmates” used the update address form this week and is no longer “lost”.  Hopefully others will do the same. 

Please remember, your contact information is confidential and will not be posted or given to anyone without your written permission (there is a line on the update address form to give us permission).  Even if you DO give us permission, the only people we will release your contact information to is other members of LEHS Class of 1965.  See the Communications Between Members of Our Class page for details.

Reunion Update (10/6) and Other Info

The 45th reunion is behind us.  We had 123 classmates at the reunion.  Plus a few teachers.  We will be looking forward to the 50th next.  Check out the photos and who attended the 45th.

We are still searching for classmates who have not updated their contact information.  The intent is to make it possible to contact all classmates for the 50th reunion.  If you haven’t updated your contact information (or are not sure), please fill out the new address update form for doing so.

Please check the Lost Classmate List to help us find people who we have tried to contact, but have been unable to either because the address / phone number we have is incorrect or because the classmate hasn’t replied to messages.  If a classmate doesn’t reply to a message it is either because they don’t want to or we left a message at an incorrect number (we can’t tell which).

We hope that all our classmates have considered giving to the Class of 1965 scholarship program.  Please visit the Scholarship Program Page for details on how to give to the program. 

We are trying to identify which of our classmates served in the military (especially in Vietnam).  Please contact us if you did.

Some classmates indicated they would like to contact their fellow classmates.  Unless we have specific permission to release contact information (only to fellow LEHS65ers) we can not do so.  Please visit the page for Communications between Classmates for details on who is on the list, how to give permission (and get on the list) and how to get the contact information of people on the list.