50th reunion: school tour, ROTC and Cheerleader presentations

These are photos taken on the day after the reunion.

Contributors:  Faith Hocter and Jim Prendergast

Jen Mancaniello (vice principal)
Mr. Strangie (principal)
Sue Rummel with school staff
Margaret Marasco and Pat Martin
Margaret Marasco and Pat Martin
Bob Johanson
Bob Johanson
Charlie Sarcia at the School Tour
Charlie Sarcia at the School Tour
Chuck Hamilton and spouse at the school tour
Bob Sackrison and spouse at the School Tour
LEHS Bulldog Saluting the Class of 1965 at our School Tour

tour lehs front door

Jim Prendergast being Jim Prendergast
"The Eaters" look in your yearbook to understand this caption
“The Eaters” look in your yearbook to understand this caption

tour new cafeteria tour main office tour looking toward old cafe

tour rotc in new gym tour room 309B tour hall


tour paul cavanagh field house exterior

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