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  1. I was in Vietnam during the January 68 and 69 Tet Offense. Along the Cambodian boarder at Firebase Phu Loi with the !st Infantry Division. My MOS was Crewchief/Mechanic and was the left door gunner on the Charley model Huey gunship.
    Also station in Germany with the 8th Infantry Division as Crewchief/Mechanic flying a OH-13 helicopter. Playing war games which pin pointed artillery and rocket strikes from the air.
    I do not regret my services, but still have the memory of living in the jungle at night in Vietnam.
    Sorry that I could not be at the reunion or in the picture with all my brothers of the class of 1965 at Lynn English High.
    Charley Sarcia

  2. Charlie, Brothers and SISTERS!! There were two women in the group photo of Class of 1965 vets. I am sure the memories of Vietnam still haunt you and others. Thank you for your service and welcome home. Your service to the USA is not forgotten and is very much appreciated.

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