Veterans Day 2017

Home of the Free because of the Brave

Thank you LEHS Veterans
Especially the Class of 1965
For your service
Your sacrifice
And for fighting
To protect our freedom

For a list of our Class of 1965 Veterans go to  and scroll down.  If you are a veteran and are not on this list, use the Contact feature,  and you will be added

2 thoughts on “Veterans Day 2017”

  1. the Lynn School Committee today honored the Lynn English High School Junior Marine ROTC drill team according to today’s Lynn Item Live. They are truly amazing.

  2. Thanks to all our veterans for their service. Past and Present.
    This is a special thanks to my classmates who served:

    Lynn English High School’s Class of 1965 Veterans include:

    Donald Baillie Naval Reserves

    William Berkson Army

    Frederick Bollen Army

    Robert Bonin Marine Reserves

    Richard Bowlby Navy Reserves

    Kevin Buchanan Army

    Richard Burke Army

    Howard Burnett Army National Guard

    Tom Cahill Army

    Roger Caldwell Navy

    Richard Callahan Navy

    James Cogen Marines

    Anthony Colangelo Army Reserve

    John Collier Army

    Harry Corson Army

    Ralph Cronin Army

    Don Cyr Navy

    Tom Devine Marines

    John Donovan Army

    Brian Doucette Navy

    Donald Ellis Air Force

    David Emerton Marines

    Tom Fabrizio Air Force

    Bruce Fisher National Guard

    Lawrence Flanagan Air Force (died while serving in Texas)

    Arthur William “Bill” Fogarty Army

    Ronald Gerstenhaber Air Force

    Thomas Gillis Navy

    John Gotimer Navy

    Reverand Arlyne Grant Army Reserves

    Norman Grant Marines (killed in action in Vietnam)

    Donald Hamel Navy

    Mark Hammond Coast Guard

    Robert Hartshorn Navy

    Robert Johanson Army

    Jim Lampes Mass Army National Guard

    Allan Leavitt Army

    Peter Lelecas Air Force

    Wayne Livermore Army

    Richard Lorette Navy

    John MacDonald Air Force

    John Martin Air Force

    John McCarthy Army

    Walter Mehm Navy

    James Middleton Army

    Robert Muller Army

    Haig Nalbandian Air Force

    Paul Nardone Air Force

    Ralph Nelson Army

    William Nelson Army Reserve

    Robert Newhall Army

    Stephen Noone Army Reserve

    Kevin O’Connor Air Force

    Richard Olson Navy

    John O’Neil Air Force

    Albert Paradis Army

    John Pension Navy

    Leland Perry Army

    Edward Pettipas Navy

    Bruce Phillips Navy

    James Prendergast NH Army National Guard

    James Prunier Air Force and Army National Guard

    Robert Reed Army

    John Reppucci Navy

    Michael Rodgers Army

    Anna-Marie (Ruth) Frederick Air Force

    Charles Sarcia Army Aviation

    David Schulze Air Force

    Michael Schulze Navy

    John Sewell Navy

    Frank Simone Air Force

    John Sonia Navy

    Christo Stratos Navy

    John Sturgis Army National Guard

    Robert Tibbetts Army

    John Warwick Army

    Douglas Waters Army

    Bradley Wentworth Army

    Joe Whalen Army

    Paul Yacovitch Army

    Francis York Navy

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