50th Reunion Photos

Photos from the 50th reunion are being posted under Photo Galleries. Use the down arrow (▼) on Photo Galleries in the Main Menu to see all the photo galleries (including the 50th reunion photo gallery and the 50th reunion school tour photo gallery.

More will be published when the come in.  So check back occasionally to see the new ones.  I am currently trying to put names to faces in about 200 photos I have received from Faith Hocter who took many photos at both the reunion and on the tour.  As soon as I finish this task, I will be posting a whole bunch of photos.  I do want people to send in photos however because I noticed that some people actually didn’t make it into the pile of photos I have and I am hoping other people have some to make sure we get everyone onto the website!  To send me electronic copies of your photos use CONTACT and request my home email address (or click HERE).

Here is a photo provided by Debbie (McCulley) Blossom:

Mike Hickey, Paul Toner, Debbie McCulley, and Joe Milo
Mike Hickey, Paul Toner, Debbie McCulley, and Joe Milo

Faith Hocter took many of the photos in the 50th Reunion Photo Galleries and also supplied the Overhead projector for the PowerPoint presentation during the reunion.  She did this at no charge to our class. We thank her for her wonderful contribution.

Faith Hocter

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