50th Reunion Photos of EVERYONE (not quite)

Hello everyone,

We have a ton of photos posted on our 50th reunion photo gallery (click HERE to go there) and a lot more posted on our 50th reunion school tour, ROTC and cheerleader presentation photo gallery (click HERE to go there).

With all those photos you would think that everyone who attended the reunion would be in at least one photo.  Well…. we have a bunch of people (see below) who didn’t make it into at least one photo.  If one of your photos has one or more of these folks in it, please send that photo to me.  Just click on CONTACT and I will tell you how.  It would be great if EVERYONE who attended was in, at least, one photo.

Here are the people who didn’t make it into at least one photo:

Lynnea Black

Howie Burnett

Betty (Courteau) Abbott

Victoria (Cowhig) Zimmerschied

Mary (Cronin) LoPresti

Don Cyr

Ernest Deland

Carol (Dutch) Cyr

Patricia Gately

Kathy (Gness) Amara

Nick Granese

Chuck Hamilton (I was able to get his image out of the group school tour photo)

Eileen (Jackson) Kalapinski

Jean (MacLeod) Bruck (I was able to get her image from a checking in photo)

Donna McDonald

Gail (Minton) Hickey

Louise (Murray) Thibault

Gail (Parsons) LaVoie

Bruce Phillips

Anna-Marie (Ruth) Frederick (I was able to get her image from the veterans’ group photo)

Bob Safford (who attended the school tour only)

John Sewell

Maureen Smith

Bruce Thorne

Maureen (Trowel) Benedict

Lynn (Urban) McNeil

Patricia (Weldon) Bormann

Donna (Winslow) Cronin

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