David Santos and the Yacht Blue Moon

Dave Santos is one of our classmates and will not be able to attend our 50th reunion.  Here is a message I got from him while trying to update his contact infomation:

Got your message about the reunion, sorry we won’t be able to attend.  We have just commissioned our latest sailing yacht and will soon be setting sail for the Spanish Main.  Thus, at the time of the reunion we will either be sailing the South American coast or perhaps treking in Bolivia, Peru, or Chile.  So as far as recounting previous sailing adventures around the world, we will leave that to you.  I trust you have a copy of that account.
Capt. Dave Santos”

Dave and his wife completed a 11 plus year sailing trip around the world in the Yacht Blue Moon about 10 years ago.  Click HERE for a brief account of their trip around the world.

We wish Dave and his wife bon voyage!

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