OUR 50th REUNION… 2015

Hello everyone,

The reunion committee has started the planning work for our 50th reunion in 2015.  Very shortly, they will be meeting with an event coordinator at one of the venues to discuss “possibilities” on what the reunion will look like.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO PROVIDE YOUR INPUT.

Do you want a sit down dinner, a buffet dinner, roving servers providing finger food with perhaps a salad table?  Do you want some other activities like a tour of the school or perhaps something else?  Do you have any ideas you want to share with the reunion committee?  If you do, click HERE and tell us about them.  Don’t wait …. NOW is the time to provide input while things are still be planned.  A planning meeting is less than 2 weeks from today.  The ball is rolling to our 50th reunion!

Ideas will be posted as comments to this post.  You may tell us to post the comments anonymously if that is your preference.  Remember, once we have made the plans, it will be difficult to change them… so NOW IS THE TIME.

Hopefully, everyone will want to attend this reunion.  If you are shy or feel you didn’t know many of your classmates, try to contact the people you did know to join up for the reunion.  There is a page called “Communication Between Members of our Class” to see who has made their contact information available for sharing.  Even if someone hasn’t made their information available, we can provide help in connecting people together.  Just let us know by clicking CONTACT.  If you haven’t updated your contact information you better do it or you might miss out on important reunion related communications.  Update your contact information by clicking the “Address Update Form“.

You may also post your ideas directly by clicking the “comment” line immediately below this paragraph.  It will either say “add a comment” or it will say “X comments” where X is a number.  You can read the comments by clicking on the same comment line as well.

23 thoughts on “OUR 50th REUNION… 2015”

  1. I think a buffet dinner would be fine. Also, it would be great to take a tour of our school.

    Maureen (Cerica) Arnold

  2. from Sarah (Sternlieb) Scott:
    re our reunion weekend: bonfire on the beach w/ some fireworks? a 60s-type of band? (how about Under the Lampost)? tour of our school?

  3. I would like to have a sit down dinner for this most momentous occasion. What about Spinelli’s? Any place that has good food – buffet with good food also acceptable.

  4. Keep it simple. the only thing that matters is the people.
    The Gannon golf club or the VFW near by would be great.
    I prefer buffet. It’s usually more reasonable too.
    Very quiet music. We are there to talk and reconnect not to be entertained or listen to the music.

  5. I suggest either a buffet style or finger food style for a more informal setting that might encourage more mingling. Cost is not a major issue. It is the only 50th we’ll ever have. Where isn’t a big deal either. I and my life long friend and fellow classmate, Stephen Noone will be attending! Maybe his wife too but I am a widower. Hope this helps.

  6. I would like to see a weekend event with a cocktail party or cookout on Friday. The reunion party should be on Saturday with food. How about a brunch on Sunday. It would be nice to have rooms available for those who do not chose to drive.

  7. Frankly, the best reunion I ever remembered was the 10th (I think). It was the one held at the K of C hall on Lynnfield St. It was simple. Oh, and my opinion as to weekend or one night would be one night. We also should get in touch of everyone by email and really talk it up. There were so many who didn’t show up to the last one. Anyway, where ever it is I am going!

  8. Would like to see more dressed up dinner. Would like to see our Veterans honored by taking a photo of them as a group on stage.

  9. As far as the next reunion, my thought is to try to have it in a large hall (one room). Knight of Columbus type thing. At least you can see all who are attending without having to enter the bar area. The band/D.J would be inside for all who would like to dance without fear of weather being too cold/rainy as it was at the time of the 35TH. These are my thoughts for what they are worth.

  10. I had another idea for the 50th. I don’t know the condition of Lynn beach, but maybe there could be a Saturday afternoon picnic at one of the old “fireplaces,” or some kind of family get together elsewhere like the entrance to Lynn Woods. I think it might be nice follow-up to the dinner on Friday, especially as we rekindle friendships.

    Also, maybe we could get a group tour of LEHS on that Friday or sometime.

  11. I would prefer a Buffet dinner over sit down.
    My main suggestion would be to have it during either the spring or fall, not during the winter. A lot of us have moved to warmer climates and have no desire to travel up north during the winter months.

  12. Here is my suggestion (s):
    -local hotel with large function room (hotel rooms available for out of town guests)
    -no assigned seating, tables to sit down however
    -hot and cold Hors d’oeuvres from start to 1 hour before the end served by wandering waitstaff (paper plates and napkins). NO sit down dinner or buffet. See below for types of Hors d’oeuvres.
    -Salad and vegetable tables (buffet style from start to 1 hour before end
    -Desert table (buffet style) from 3 hours before end to end
    -Coffee/tea table from start to end (paper cups)
    -Bottled water from start to end (paid as part of ticket price)
    -Cash bars (2 or more depending on turnout). Serving beer, wine and mixed drinks and soft drinks
    -Cash soft drink bar (not serving alcohol)
    -Try to arrange for discounts for guests staying at hotel
    -hot and cold Hors d’ouvres to include:
    Boneless chicken strips, boneless spare ribs, bacon wrapped scallops, pigs in a blanket, deviled eggs, kielbasa, bruschetta, buffalo wings, tuna bite size sandwiches, crab puffs, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, bite size cheese pizza, fried or marinated mushrooms
    -related activities
    Golf at Gannon (separate event), One hour tour of LEHS in small groups with LEHS student guides on Saturday morning (transportation supplied from hotel paid separately), Peabody Essex Museum Visit (4 hrs; transportation from hotel paid separately), Friday night ice cream party at Richardson’s Dairy (separate event paid separately).

  13. I usually like a sit down dinner, but it is harder to mingle and talk and connect with old friends in that setting. I like Bob’s idea of the hotel. It makes it easier for those who come from out of town. My husband’s 50th was at a hotel. It was from Friday to Sun morning. Sit down dinner. Great event, but a LOT of work by the committee. So there is a lot to be said for keeping it simple. I can take or leave Gannon. If it’s a summer night, it’s a nice venue. Easy to get to. Parking is awful. didn’t care for the food. Is it handicap accessible? I agree with Jack on the music. People seemed to enjoy the dancing at the last two I attended, but loud music is not conducive to having conversations.

    I’m not that interested in the related activities. Maybe Richardson’s. I have no desire to tour the school and I’ve been to the Museum. Those who do not come home often might like these activities though.

    As for anything on the beach – Not my cup of tea. Parking at Nahant would be a big problem and I don’t know what the ordinances are for bonfires, etc, but that could be a problem too. Fireworks? I don’t think so. Too many safety issues if they even allowed it.

    I do think the 50th should be at least a little different though. I plan to attend either way.

  14. Well, gave my opinon the other day, but have been thinking of it more. I would rather pay extra money and have a nice sit down dinner.

    Maureen (Cerica) Arnold

  15. Only a thought – A sit down dinner may be a little formal where a buffet or revolving servers will allow more interaction among the class mates.

    John ihle

  16. I would not miss this for the world! Everyone should go. If you are not sure if you want to go, call me.

    – Buffet diner because you will get to see more people plus you can eat what you want.
    – casual dress.
    – Very quiet music because we are there to talk not to be entertained.

    Jack Rummel

  17. For those of us spending money traveling from out of state a hotel would be a great idea. I was not impressed with the Gannon Golf Club and their food was terrible. I would rather spend a few more dollars and have a sit down meal and cocktail hour.

  18. Reunion Idea. Might be fun to have to have karaoke. One reunion at a hotel a lot of us all sat around and sang “review” songs.
    I like the hotel idea for out-of-towners.

  19. Any chance of publishing a list of classmates who are committed to attending? I had few friends in high school but would be motivated to attend if some of them were going? Thanks.

  20. Comment:
    I have thought of another possibility that might want to be considered. A group photo???? It has been done a couple of times, but the Fiftieth is a special gathering.

    I also have the need to express sincere gratitude to the Reunion Committee for all of the hard work and long hours they have put in to our reunions. It is a difficult job and it is MUCH appreciated by all, I am sure.

  21. Bob’s idea is fine with me, I’d like it to be in August. I don’t care much for the Museum and stuff. Be nice if the hotel had a bar and restaurant. Posting those that have paid is a good idea. A of of my old friends don’t tend to go but maybe seeing a list might be more incentive, I wasn’t impressed with the golf place.

  22. I agree that it should be buffet style so that we all can mingle better. I did like the Gannon but the food was not great. (I don’t know if we could get a different caterer there.) I do like Bob’s idea to hold the reunion at a local hotel with a large function room. It would be more convenient for classmates traveling to our 50th. I agree with Jack Rummel with having soft background music so we can talk & catch up. I had a great time at the 45th & I am looking forward to attending our 50th. (OMG how did that happen?)

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