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It has been a while since I explained how the website is laid out and how to use it.  There are a number of people who may not have seen previous tours.  As you work your way down this page, please don’t be afraid to click on some of those items over to the right of this page.

The “HOME PAGE” is the Blog page (that is where you are now).  The “blog” is announcements or posts.  Memorial list additions, Scholarship program announcements and things to tell you something has happened (like the 13 additional photos) are posted on the blog page.

On the right side of the Blog (or Home) Page is a list of pages within the website.  At the top of that list is “Subscribe to the blog”.  Here is where you can put your email address to have the website automatically send you an email when ever a new blog item is added.  To subscribe, put your email in the box provided and then follow the directions.  This email list is NOT available to me and I can’t edit it.  It is used internally within WordPress (the program that we use for our website).

Below the subscription is the “Main Menu” which are links to the various pages within the website.  At the top of that list is “Home”, which will bring you back to the blog page.

Next is “Contact”, which brings you to a form to fill out to send an email to our class website.  The emails are not posted publicly.  The email goes to our class email address.   I review all the emails and either forward them appropriately or answer them directly.  Just below Contact is the “Address Update Form” which you can use to update your contact information, veteran status and provide permission to share your contact information.  By the way, if you COMMENT on a blog item, it WILL appear publicly when it has been approved for publication.

Below that are a number of photo galleries (including photos from reunions, from the graduation program and yearbook, and a 5-part photo essay of how the school looks today (or about 1 1/2 years ago).  When you click on a photo in the photo gallery it gets bigger so you can see it better.  At the bottom of the photo, click Close to close the photo and go back to the photo gallery.  You will notice that the Main Menu is still visible so you can go back to the Home Page if you want to.

Next is “Remembrances” which bring you to blog postings for Veteran’s Day and other events.  When ever a blog posting is made, the general topic is selected.  Remembrances is one of those topics.

Next is one of the least popular, but most visited pages, our Class Memorial List.  This is pretty much self explanatory.  Note, we have quite a few missing people.  Some of them may be members of the Memorial List but just don’t know.

The next two items are related.  The Lost Classmate list  which is people we can not find even though we have looked multiple times.  The Need Updated Contact information list is people we THINK we know how to contact but either we don’t get a reply when we try to contact them or we are not sure the message is getting to them.  OR…. in some cases, we haven’t found the time to try to make contact.  Since the word “we” in this paragraph really means only a couple of people, you can see the difficulty.  Of the 648 people we have in our database (632 graduates and 16 people who did not graduate with the class for one reason or another), we currently know the status of about 74% of them.  That means about 166 people haven’t been contacted or are deceased and we don’t know that.  The list is everyone that we are still looking for.  That may grow a bit as a 1/2 dozen or so have not replied to a general email we sent out.

The next item is “Communication between members of our class” which is how members of the class can get each others contact information.  Basically, you have to give us permission to do so (you can do that by checking the box in the “update address form”).  This page also has a list of people who HAVE given their permission.

We do have a scholarship program which is the next item on the list.  It lists the contributors and scholarship recipients.  I encourage you to contribute to this program.  Contributions are made by mail and if you want to contribute, just use Contact to let me know and I will email you the form which has instructions on it.

Classmate Activities is a place to put things classmates want others to know about concerning themselves.  Generally it is not often used.  (it might be the Facebook of our website … LOL)

The last items in the Main Menu are who attended the 45th reunion and a list of the reunion committee members.

Below the Main Menu are a list of the blog categories.  If you click on one of them, it will give you all the blog items with that category.  It can reduce a search of the blog items a bit.

Below that are some links to other websites of interest.

Questions?  Use “Contact” or click Here.  Clicking on either brings you to the Contact page.  You can ask your question there and I will get back to you.

Regards, Bob Maleszyk (your webmaster)


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