DETAILS of the 50th Reunion (2015)

Nope… not available yet.  BUT…. NOW is the time to give your input.  WHERE do you want the reunion?  Do you want the reunion to be a weekend affair with the 50th reunion proper on one of the nights?  How do you want the reunion to come off (buffet style food, formal dinner, all night finger food, no food at all)?  What other things do you want to see at the reunion?  Use your imagination and provide input to the reunion committee.  How do you make your suggestion? 

  • One way is to click CONTACT  and send a private message to the committee (make sure you tell us to publish your suggestion anonymously if that is your desire).  If you don’t tell us to make your suggestion anonymously we will publish your name with the suggestion.
  • Another way is to COMMENT (look directly below THIS post).  Look for the the words “add a comment” (if there are none) or “x comments” where “x” is the number of comments.   Click on that and your comment will go on line once it has been approved (I watch for spam).

Things you should consider when making your suggestion:

  • Cost (can everyone afford it?)
  • Location (how will everyone get there?)
  • Facility size (will the crowd fit?)
  • Seating arrangements? (if you want a sit down dinner)
  • Lead time? (some venues require booking well in advance and generally need to know about how many people are going)  By the way, if you want to help with this, it might be helpful to let the reunion committee know, NOW, that you intend on going to the reunion.  We may also need a deposit if we have to pay for booking up front (of course that hasn’t been even discussed yet).

NOTE:  Usually I don’t see many responses to posts.  I hope that will change with this post.  It is important to make your feelings known.  I am looking forward to publishing lots of suggestions (even the suggestions are the same).

As of today, there is at least one comment.  Check it out below.


8 thoughts on “DETAILS of the 50th Reunion (2015)”

  1. I thnk they way we have been doing it is good….a weekend thing may be to costly for some. The present location and time of year has worked out well. If you do two days like a Friday for golf and a buffet, then Sat evening a dinner dance more fomal gathering may work…

  2. here is a message from Jim Prendergast:
    Frankly, the best reunion I ever remembered was the 10th (I think). It was the one held at the K of C hall on Lynnfield St. It was simple. Oh, and my opinion as to weekend or one night would be one night. We also should get in touch of everyone by email and really talk it up. There were so many who didn’t show up to the last one. Anyway, where ever it is I am going!

    Jim Prendergast

  3. Have not been since 30th. Would love to see everyone. I like the one night not weekend. Some of the out of state class mates could enjoy a weekend that they can plan or visit family. Can’t wait to hear results.

  4. This message was left by anonymous:
    I would like to see a weekend event with a cocktail party or cookout on Friday. The reunion party should be on Saturday with food. How about a brunch on Sunday. It would be nice to have rooms available for those who do not chose to drive.

  5. This suggestion came in from Lornie Bullerwell.

    This is a response to your asking for suggestions. I suggest either a buffet style or finger food style for a more informal setting that might encourage more mingling. Cost is not a major issue. It is the only 50th we’ll ever have. Where isn’t a big deal either. I and my life long friend and fellow classmate, Stephen Noone will be attending! Maybe his wife too but I am a widower. Hope this helps.

    Lornie Bullerwell

  6. I brought my wife to my first and only class re-union (40th). It was simple, fun, very friendly and not expensive. Although cost is not an issue with my wife and I, many of my fellow classmates may not e as fortunate. I think our goal should be fellowship and encouraging as many classmates (and their partners) as possible to attend. Keeping expenses down may insure that goal.

  7. Just a few thoughts about the reunion. One aspect that stands out to me is that we have a really big class and a lot of us didn’t even know each other.
    We could consider having some smaller groups getting together for cocktails, etc. on Friday night in different venues based on elementary or junior high attended, or favorite subject or activities/sports/clubs and that way we could connect with the people with whom we had spent the most time in school.(Unless you really hated all of them and then you go reinvent yourself at a different party.) Then a dinner on Saturday, either buffet or sit-down with good food to have everyone together. Golf or PEM or beach walk on Saturday pm for those who wish.

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