A Pictorial Tour of Lynn English Today – Third Installment

This is the third installment of a series of photos of Lynn English High School today.  This installment is the beginning of the photos of things that are NEW.  But, this installment shows what happened to the old.  The old gym and old cafeteria have changed.  The gym is now the library.  The cafeteria is now classrooms including the new art room.  I made the comment in the opening statement for the third installment that I can’t remember where the old library was IF we even had one!  I hope someone can remember.  I also stated the old art room was in the front center of the building on the second floor.  Does anyone remember?  Feel free to comment by clicking on the “add a comment” just below this blog posting.

To get to the third installment, just click on this link (third installment) or click on the page Lynn English Today – The Old Gym and Cafeteria to the right.  Click on the other Lynn English Today pages (exterior photos and general interior photos) to go to those pages.

So, continue your stroll around the old school.  Don’t forget, click on the photo to see it full size.  When you are done looking at it, click on “close” on the bottom of the photo.

The door to the new library (our old gym)


2 thoughts on “A Pictorial Tour of Lynn English Today – Third Installment”

  1. Good job with the photos. I am Class of ’66. I remember that there was a library back then but it was quite a bit smaller. No way near as many books and pre-computer so reference materials were encyclopedias. My house did not have a set so I would go there for any research.

    Bob McCarthy
    Class of ’66

  2. Thanks for the input. Glad you could find the website and I hope you enjoy the photos. Later next week we will be taking you on a tour of the Paul Cavanagh Field House.

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