A Pictorial Tour of Lynn English Today – Fourth Installment

This is the fourth installment (of 5) of a pictorial tour of Lynn English Today.  This installment shows the new cafeteria, kitchen and balcony (link between the old building and the Paul Cavanagh Field House.

This installment is also short (only 11 photos).  To get to the fourth installment just click on this link (fourth installment) or click on the page at right (Lynn English Today – The New Cafeteria).  To get to the other installments just click on the other Lynn English Today pages (exterior photos, general interior photos, old gym and cafeteria) on the right.

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That said, continue your stroll around the old school.  Don’t forget, click on the photo to see it full size.  When you are done looking at it, click on “close” on the bottom of the photo.

another view of the new cafeteria

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