A Pictorial Tour of LEHS Today – Second Installment

This is the second installment of the series of photos of Lynn English Hish School today.  This installment has photos you may recognize.  The main office, the principals office, the auditorium, the little theater and a few class rooms and corridors.  Plus some things we didn’t have… a TV Department, ROTC, a bronze bulldog, and a few other things.  We hope this installment brings back some memories.  I remember I was in the language lab on November 22, 1963.  The language lab is still in the same room as it was back then.

Just click on the link, Lynn English Today – General Interior Photos, to go to the page containing the photos.  Remember, you can click on any of the pages to the right of this blog to go to that page.  To get to the first installment, Lynn English Today – Exterior Photos, either click on the link (highlighted) or click on the page to the right of the blog.

So, continue your stroll around the old school.  Don’t forget, click on the photo to see it full size.  When you are done looking at it, click on “close” on the bottom of the photo.


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