A Pictorial Tour of LEHS Today – First Installment

Quite a few people have wondered what the old school looks like today.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to schedule a tour for everyone who wants to go.  To solve this problem, Sue Rummel and Bob Maleszyk took a tour of Lynn English on July 25, 2012. The tour allowed us to take numerous photos of the school both inside and out.  We will post the photos in a series of installments over the next few weeks.

The first installment of photos are the exterior shots of the school.  Future installments will include interior shots showing how our alma mater has changed (or not changed) since we graduated.  We hope you enjoy strolling in and around the school via this photo gallery.

To see the photo gallery of the exterior of LEHS today, go to the Lynn English Today – Exterior Photos page.  To see each image full size just click on the image.  When done viewing the larger image, just click “close” on the bottom of the photo.


Drive way and Front Entrance of LEHS

5 thoughts on “A Pictorial Tour of LEHS Today – First Installment”

  1. I had asked Bob to put a picture of the alley outside the cafeteria,next to the chimney where we all smoked! He is going to take that shot.i recently had the pleasure of presenting our scholarship with Howie and Sue and it brought back memory’s of being in the Auditorium foyer with Pam Mohan smoking a pipe during the intermission of one of our great plays.So that everyone does not think my only memory’s of Lynn English are smoking,I had the great pleasure to be at the dedication of the Paul Cavanagh Field House Gymnasium.Paul was a class act and one of the nicest people you could know,I have given to his scholarship fund from day 1 and have great memory’s when he and i co captained a JV basketball team.It was a pleasure to know him and I mentioned him at the scholarship award. Now who remembers who cut the tree down! John Tucker and I want to know if it really was Mike Hickey!

  2. Geeez….. with all the donations Howie has made to LEHS scholarships and all the contributions he has made to the school how can I not refuse to make a special trip to the school to take a picture of the “smoking alley”. Is there anyone who lives close that can save me a special trip and take the photo for me? WAAAA!

  3. Mike, Check the two photos entitled “Between old cafe and auditorium from rear” and “Storage on Rear of Building”. Those are the alleyways between the old gym/cafeteria and the other parts of the building.

  4. These are really great pictures. So many great memories. I made the mistake of going to St. Mary’s Boys High for a couple of years. That place was the pits. I transferred to L.E.H.S. as a junior, and loved every minute of it. Good old LEHS has really changed over the years, at least the technology end of it. My cousin is in one of the cheer leaders in one of the pictures. Molly is the one in blue in the picture. I know she enjoys it there as much as I did.

  5. What a fun day walking through the halls of LEHS. When Bob and I met the cheerleaders outside, Bob wanted to take a picture. He told them I was a cheerleader in 1964 and 1965 and they were so excited and wanted to know what it was like. Today they have cheering squads for each sport rather than one squad for football and basket (sorry hockey guys we were there in spirit). When I told them about marching from the school to Manning Bowl through the streets with the band, they couldn’t believe how exciting it must have been and they are right. I still get goose bumps when I think about marching and entering the Bowl to cheers from the crowd was overwhelming. I truly have great memories of LEHS. Hope you enjoy the photo tour!

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