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Hello everyone.  This website is for Lynn English High School Class of 1965.  It is free for you to use and we don’t like asking for money.

BUT…. we DO award scholarships to deserving Lynn English High School Seniors and would like to continue to do so.  We have a page on this site which explains our Scholarship Program and we hope you check it out.  Click on Scholarship Program under the Main Menu or just click the highlighted words Scholarship Program in this posting.  They all go to the same place (hint hint).

The Scholarship Program is funded by your donations.  During a reunion year, there is a place on the reunion registration form to add a donation as you pay for your reunion tickets.   Most of the money in our scholarship bank account comes from money that is donated during reunion years.  Not very much comes in during off years.   Deserving students can use every small amount of financial help they get to help pay for skyrocketing college tuition and expenses.  We would like to continue to fund our Scholarship Program in the off years and perhaps increase the amount we give as our bank account allows.

So we are asking for donations.   Many of us are retired and on fixed incomes.  Under those circumstances, donations may not be possible.  But  if you can find a way, please make a donation.

All the donations will go to Pat (Johnson) Morley who will make sure the money is deposited in our LEHS Class of 1965 bank account.  For everyone’s protection, we have a policy of not posting contact information on this website.  So to make a donation, please request a scholarship donation form by clicking on CONTACT  under the Main Menu and requesting a Scholarship donation form.  We will email you a scholarship donation form which you can print, fill out and send to Pat via US Postal Service.  Her address is on the donation form.  By the way, if you don’t have email, just ask us to mail you the form and we will.

You can also update your contact information (which is great to do annually even if it hasn’t changed) and request a scholarship donation form at the same time by clicking on Address Update Form under the Main Menu.  When you send the address update, just request a scholarship donation form in the box for “anything else you want to add?” at the bottom of the address update.  Don’t forget to include your phone number in the address update form.

That concludes this request for money… something we REALLY don’t like doing, but sometimes we just have to do it.  Please don’t forget to visit the Scholarship Program page and see who contributed in the past year (mostly at the 45th reunion) and a list of all the award recipients over the years.


3 thoughts on “Support Our Scholarship Program”

  1. My head is bowed in disbelief. Only 2 people have requested a scholarship donation form so far. Perhaps more have them stashed away on their computer someplace. Come on gang we can do better than this! Don’t you think?

  2. Well… we now have 4 people who have requested a scholarship donation form. That is a little more than 1/2% of the class (not counting the reunion group). Is it possible that no one is reading our class website posts?

  3. THANK YOU Melanie and John for your donations. You are our leaders! I hope more of the class follow your lead!

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