Veterans Day 2011

To all the Veterans who served our country… Thank You Very Much.   Please join in giving thanks to all our Veterans.  They served our country well and deserve our thanks.

The Class of 1965 provided many men and women to the armed forces at home and around the world.  Those who have identified themselves are listed below.  Some died in the service of our country.  Some will never be the same.  All were very young.  Last year, only a few people took the time to thank them by making a comment below this posting.  Perhaps there will be more this year.

To those vets who would like to comment, please feel free to do so below this post as well.

Lynn English High School’s Class of 1965 Veterans include:

Donald Baillie  Naval Reserves

Frederick Bollen  Army (saw action in Vietnam)

Robert Bonin  Marine Reserves

Richard Bowlby  Navy Reserves

Temma Brown  Air Force

Richard Burke  Army

Howard Burnett  Army National Guard

James Cogen  Marines (saw action in Vietnam)

Brian Doucette  Navy

David Emerton  Marines (saw action in Vietnam)

Lawrence Flanagan  Air Force (died while serving in Texas)

Arthur William “Bill” Fogarty  Army (saw action in Vietnam)

Ronald Gerstenhaber  Air Force

John Gotimer  Navy

Reverand Arlyne Grant  Army Reserves

Norman Grant  Marines (killed in action in Vietnam)

Mark Hammond  Coast Guard

Robert Johanson  Army

Henry Emile LeBlanc Army (saw action in Vietnam)

John MacDonald  Air Force

Walter Mehm  Navy (saw action in Vietnam)

Haig Nalbandian  Air Force

Paul Nardone  Air Force

Robert Newhall  Army

John O’Neil  Air Force

Albert Paradis  Army

John Pension  Navy

Leland Perry  Army

Bruce Phillips  Navy

James Prendergast  NH Army National Guard

James Prunier  Air Force and Army National Guard

Robert Reed  Army

Michael Rodgers  Army (saw action in Vietnam)

Charles Sarcia  Army Aviation (saw action in Vietnam)

David Schulze  Air Force

Michael Schulze  Navy

Robert Tibbetts  Army

John Warwick  Army (saw action in Vietnam)

Douglas Waters  Army (saw action in Vietnam)

Bradley Wentworth  Army

Paul Yacovitch  Army (saw action in Vietnam)

Francis York  Navy


3 thoughts on “Veterans Day 2011”

  1. As Webmaster for the LEHS Class of 1965 Website and a member of the Reunion Committee, I wish to express my gratitude to all the men and women who served our country, particularly my classmates. My father served our country in the Pacific in WWII. He is gone now, but there isn’t a day that passes where I think of him and the service and sacrifice he made for our country. The men and women listed above (and others who are not listed) paid for the freedoms that I have today and those that I had as a college student. I can’t thank them enough. I hope others will join me.

  2. My Dad also served in WWII and went in on “D” Day plus one to storm the shores of Normandy. I did a speech in Miss Sonigan’s class at Pickering in honor of my Dad and all the veterans and their families who made such a tremendous sacrifice so we could all be free today.

    Thank you isn’t enough for those who gave years of service and some their lives but we honor and think of you all today and we should thank you every day!

  3. I updated the posting, adding Dave Emerton’s name after he replied to my query about his veteran status. In my query, I thanked him for his service. One thing in his reply email touched me….”Not too many people have thanked me for my service, so I thank you.” His comment says that vets from the Vietnam era need our thanks. Please add your thanks by clicking on the comments below the post.

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