Fifty Years!

In 2015, the Class of 1965 will be celebrating our 50th anniversary.  Please start thinking about the reunion that year.

Will it be a single evening reunion (like our previous reunions) or will it be a weekend affair?  Will it be someplace close to the City of Lynn or will it be further away?  Somethings will be important… the number of people attending will determine the size of the venue.  It would be awful to select a venue that is too small forcing the “first come first serve” attendance plan.  On the other hand if we pick a venue to handle the entire class and only a hundred or so people show up then the cost per person would be very high!  So the earlier the reunion committee knows about who will be attending the better the planning will be. 

Cost is important.  Many of us are on limited incomes and can’t afford an expensive shindig.  On the other hand, many will be travelling many miles to attend and may want to build in a vacation around the reunion.  Should we have a sit down dinner, buffet or just food available to graze?  If we have a sit down dinner, who will make the seating arrangements?  Should we have our photos taken or have a group photo?  The more time we take to set up photos the less time we have to roam around and see people we went to school with…but a photo would be a nice remembrance.

Although it is pretty early to make plans, it is time to start thinking and making your desires known.  Speak up by commenting either in public (below this posting) or making a private comment by clicking on CONTACT.

This is your opportunity to make your desires heard!

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