Reminder about Sharing Contact Information (8/19/2011)

Your contact information is confidential.  We can not share it with anyone without your written permission.  If you want other members of our class to be able to write to you, please update your address information using the address update form and make sure you give permission on the form (there is a line for that) to share your contact information.  See the page “Communications Between Members of Our Class” for details.  There has been quite a bit of interest in contacting old classmates on the Lynn English High School (the 60’s) Facebook Group.  To keep your email (or snail mail or phone) from getting spammed please do not post your contact information anywhere.

The class address database is kept on Bob Maleszyk’s home computer with a back up copy on Eleanor (Shellgren) Starkenberg’s computer.  No information is stored on public databases.  We still don’t have current information for everyone in the class and we quite frankly can’t find nearly a third of the class.

NOTE:  Please include your telephone number if you update your contact information.  It is very helpful to find you if you move!

2 thoughts on “Reminder about Sharing Contact Information (8/19/2011)”

  1. This is probably a long shot, but I believe that Norman is related to me and would like to confirm it. I am a Grant still living in Scotland researching our family tree. I need to confirm that Norman’s grandparents were John Cumming Grant and Christina Bryce Grant (Jake and Chrissie to us). Jake and Chrissie had three sons, John C jr, James and Norman and lived in Lynn until their deaths. Jake and Chrissie both died in 1966 and the family in Scotland lost touch with everyone else then. Does anyone recognise any of these details? Could Norman be Jake and Chrissie’s grandson?

    It has been very moving to see that people are making sure that young men such as Norman are remembered. God bless.

    Marjorie Morrison nee Grant

  2. Here is a link which may help you:

    If you read the link carefully, it lists Norman’s parents names and his sisters names. Be advised this link came from around the time of Norman’s death on the battle field of Vietnam, so it is quite old.

    You may also post this facebook page “Lynn English High (the 60’s)” and solicit information from his classmates and possibly his sisters. Good luck.

    If you would like to communicate with me directly on this topic, please use the CONTACT link to the right of the blog page.

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