Still Searching for Missing (Lost) Classmates

We are still searching for lost classmates.  As of today, we have 203 classmates who are missing or we haven’t got to contacting.  If you have any knowledge of a classmate wear-abouts, please let them know of our class website and please let us know as well.  Please contact us if you know of anyone.  Please check the lost classmate page to see who is missing.  If you are reading this message and your name is on the lost classmate list, please use the update address information form (to the right) and update your contact information.  Also, if your contact information has changed, please let us know using the update address information form.

I am pleased to report that one of our “lost classmates” used the update address form this week and is no longer “lost”.  Hopefully others will do the same. 

Please remember, your contact information is confidential and will not be posted or given to anyone without your written permission (there is a line on the update address form to give us permission).  Even if you DO give us permission, the only people we will release your contact information to is other members of LEHS Class of 1965.  See the Communications Between Members of Our Class page for details.

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