Lynn, Lynn City of Sin

This was a comment from Frank Gately.  I copied it and am posting it for comment.

I was looking for the famous Lynn, Lynn City of Sin poem because I heard it had more verses. “We’ll Always Remenber Lynn” brought back the locations and the memories, for sure. I’ve read the early works of the poet, Vincent Ferrini, which relives Lynn, before the times of the class of “65. Also, the book “Loyalty” by John Curry uses Lynn as the setting for his gangster-fiction novel. It was great for remembering all the old places, like Monte’s, forget the plot.

Lynn, Lynn the city of sin
You never come out, the way you came in

You ask for water, but they give you gin
The girls say no, yet they always give in

If your not bad, they won’t let you in
It’s the damndest city I’ve ever lived in

Lynn, Lynn the city of sin
You never come out, the way you came in.

Author: unknown

One thought on “Lynn, Lynn City of Sin”

  1. Thanks for posting this, it’s been years since I had heard it.

    I also read the books mentioned and especially the John Curry book was great for bringing home the memories. A couple of friends and I actually made a game of visiting all the places he mentioned in the book. It was a fun something to do almost like a scavenger hunt.

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