New Page: “Classmate Activities”

A page has been created for each of us to post something special that is happening in our lives.  Be it a new grandkid, a new job, retirement, writing a new book, or anything you consider special about yourself (or your family).  Please remember, no phone numbers, addresses or email addresses.

Keep your postings free of political or controversial topics.  Your postings will be edited as necessary.  Please do not solicit anything on the site.  Postings advertising something “for sale” will not be posted as will any postings in bad taste.

To place something on the page, just use contact and an email will be sent to our class email address.  If you have a photo that you want to post, just put a comment in that you want to put a photo up for others to see.  We will contact you and give you instructions.

Our initial posting is by Lina Rehal who is announcing a book signing for her new book.  Check it out on the Classmate Activities page.

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