How To Use Your Class Website

There is a lot of information on our website.  Let’s take a little tour. 

The home page is a blog (web-log) a kind of diary.  Each blog item has a headline and a body.  Below each body is a list of the generalized topics which the item is related to (in case you want to review other similar topics) and something that says either “add a comment” or “x comments” where “x” is a number.  If you want to make a public comment about the blog item, simply click on the “add a comment” or “x comment” and a window will pop up to allow you to make a public comment on the blog topic.  You can comment on ANY of the blog topics, but try to make sure you are clicking on the one you want to comment about.  Later this year, we will be seeking public (and private) input on where to have our 50th reunion, and the types of activities you might like to see at the reunion.  This is something we hope will generate a lot of comments and a lot of public discussion.  Wait for the blog post and then jump in and make your feelings heard.

 Comments are not automatically posted.  They have to be approved before hand (this avoids getting a lot of spam).  By the way, in a typical day, we get about 30 comments from spammers that never get on the site! 

Generally, blog items are posted by your webmaster (Bob Maleszyk), but anyone can post an item just by communicating with Bob (using the Contact page or by email directly to him).  So if you have a topic you want to put in front of your classmates, you are encouraged to do so. 

There may be references to pages on our website.  These are usually highlighted in a different color and when you run your mouse over the item, it becomes underlined as well.  This is a link to one of the pages on our website and if you click on it, the page will open. 

On the right side of the all the pages on the site is a column that contains “subscribe to the blog” at the top.  If you put your email in the block provided, and fill out the form that pops up, you will get an email when ever a new blog item is posted.  If you don’t subscribe, you will have to go to the website every now and then and check to see if anything is new.  Please note, the email is only sent when a new blog item is added not when a blog item is updated or when one of the pages is updated.  One bug in the program we are using that I have found is if I delete an obsolete blog item, an email will be sent for some old blog item.  So I won’t be deleting the obsolete ones anymore!  I don’t want emails going out for old stuff.  We all get too many useless emails. 

The next item on the right side of every page is the Main Menu.  This is a list of all the pages on the website.  This is where you will find the Memorial List, Photo Galleries, Lost Classmate List, List of Classmates needing to update their contact information, a List of classmates who have given permission to share their contact info with other classmates for communications between classmates, a page for general comments (which are private communications to the webmaster), a page for updating contact information (which also is private communication to the webmaster), information on the reunions, who attended them, the reunion committee, our scholarship program and a few other topics (including a way to get back to the blog or home page).  If you want to see photos from the 45th reunion, click on the appropriate page and you will go there.  By the way, if you click on one of the photos, it makes it bigger!  Give it a try.

The next item on the right side every page is blog categories.  This is a generalized category which a blog item will go in (sometimes more than one).  It just is a way of finding similar topics.  For example, since this blog item is not related to reunions or photo galleries or anything it particular, it will be automatically added to the “uncharacterized” list.  When the blog item is written, I have to place a checkmark to signify which category the blog item belongs in.  If I don’t place the check mark, it is automatically put in the “uncharacterized” list.  I could create a new category if is appropriate to do so.  Click on one of the categories and check out what happens. 

Finally on the right side of every page is a list of “other links”.  This is a way of sending you outside of the class of 1965 website to other websites.  For example:  “Rollys Tavern on the Square” is the website of the restaurant that catered our 45th reunion.  A few of our classmates requested a link and their websites are listed as well.  There are a few other links there.  When you click on one of those links, you will leave the LEHS Class of 1965 website. 

There are a couple of ways you can use the website to make your feelings known.  First is publically by commenting on a link.  You can also author a blog item by communicating first with the webmaster (using the Comment page or direct email).  You can create new pages in the same way.  Of course, use good judgment on any public comments.  Any comment can be deleted if it is abusive. 

You can comment privately (to the webmaster and to the reunion committee) by using the Comment page.  

Fellow members of LEHS Class of 1965 … this is YOUR website.  Feel free to use it!  Stay in touch and stay informed.

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