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See that little block over there that says “Subscribe to Blog”————–>

Subscribe to the “blog” ( aka “web log”…a kind of an on-line diary) and every time a new post is made to the website you will get an email telling you about it.  Click on “Subscribe to Blog”  and follow the instructions that pops up to add your email address and you will get an email when something new comes up.  Generally emails don’t go out if something is just edited, but only when something new is added.  If you are subscribed, you won’t have to go to the website every day to see if something new is added or you won’t have to worry about missing an announcement.

But… when I just add some more photos from the last reunion you probably won’t get an email (unless I create a headline in the blog).

Don’t forget to update your contact information if you move or change any of your contact info.  Just click on Address Update Form and fill out the entire page.  If you don’t want to reveal some of your contact info, leave it blank but make a comment on the form so we know you meant to leave it blank.

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