45th Reunion Photos.

Over 100 photos from the 45th reunion and from the golf tournament earlier in the day.  You will find them located on the pages of the website called 45th reunion photos and 45th reunion golf photos.

Hey folks, if you check the comments you will find that there is an interest in knowing who is who.  The photos do have a file name, just put your cursor on it and you should see it.  So if you care to send a message via CONTACT, captions will be put on the photos with some names to go with the faces.  A few have been done and more will be.  In addition to ID’s, humerous captions are welcome…keep ’em clean!!!

We have several sets of photos from diffenent sources.  If you send your photos in we will credit you.  Please thank the folks who are sharing these great memories.

Jim Prendergast from Facebook “Lynn English High (the 60’s)”. 

A group of photos from the golf tournament courtesy of Judy (Goudey) Johnson.

I stole (er borrowed) a group of photos of Lina Rehal‘s Facebook page.

Karen (Hyde) Mancinelli not only gave us a lot of photos but spent hours putting captions on the photos.

Jack Rummel brought his professional camera and expertise and took some great photos … HOW did you get all those people to laugh so hard Jack?  Jack is not only one of our classmates but he is a professional photographer.  His website is listed in our links section.  Check him out!

Here is a photo from Pamela (Gunter)  Roi via Peggy Cass!

Peggy Cass and Pamela (Gunter) Roi

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