Lynn, Lynn the City of Sin!

Sue Rummel provided this poem which brings back memories.  The author of the poem is unknown.  Does anyone have any photos of the old Fountain on the Common or the fireworks when they were in Manning Bowl?

We’ll Always Remember Lynn

Lynn is our home town

Quite a city in its day

If you didn’t make shoes or slippers

The G. E. provided your pay.


From City Hall to Market Square

The Commons on a Summer night

The fountains dancing in color

And a band concert, what a sight!


Bessie Rolfe, Magranes & Goddard’s

Wonderful stores to shop

And Grants, Burrows & Sanborn and Rogers

We knew them from bottom to top.


The Warner and the Paramount

The Waldorf and Olympia too

Six acts of vaudeville at the Capital

Plus a movie, cartoon and the news.


Street cars climbing Highland Circuit

The view from High Rock Tower

Going to Boston on the Narrow Guage

It must of taken hours.


Over at old St. Mary’s

By gender did we learn

Any mingling fo boys and girls

would be a moral concern.


And when 2:30 rolled around

and we were all “set free”

we beet feet over to Hennessy’s Spa

The real “in” place to be.


Hanover Circle and Surfside Road

Ocean Street with all the swells.

Broad and Lewis, Union and Market

And the dump with all the smells.


The balloon Lady on the 4th of July

The parades that made us proud

The fireworks exploding at Manning Bowl

To the delight and roar of the crowd.


The smell of coffee at J. B. Bloods

The Item and Telegram News

Choosing penny candy at the Red and Gray

And going to Musinsky’s for shoes.


The Boston and Maine crossing Central Square

Over Hovey’s and the Dover Smoker

Hunts and Hennessey’s and Connolly’s for fudge

Then Stilianos for a chocolate mocha.


I remember the beaches, I remember the Woods

I remember Lynn Shore Drive,

I remember the day we graduated

It’s remarkable we’re still alive!


Its been a few years fellow students

Since we passed each other in Lynn

But we’ll alwasys be proud we came from,

Old Lynn, that City of Sin!

6 thoughts on “Lynn, Lynn the City of Sin!”

  1. Sue,
    Love this…….You caught it all for each and everyone.
    I would like to see Lina (Pachulli – Fanti) provide some insights too.
    She is doing a great job with her columns in the Lynn Item.
    God is Good and has kept us living life to enjoy these memories.
    Thanks Sue for sharing…….

  2. Hi Laura. If you have any memories you want to share with the rest of us let us know….just use the comments section or even “contact” if there is something you want to send to us for future publication. Thanks again for the kind comments.

  3. This poem (or close to it) may have been written by a member of LEHS class of 1943. Leon Blumberg claims to be the author although we have no proof and he can not provide any other than telling us who has published the poem in the past. Most of the time when you see any version of this poem in print it says “author unknown”. Since we can’t prove who wrote it, we will continue to say “author unknown”. Mr. Blumberg may have been the author and if he was, we can only say thanks.

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