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Lynn English High (the 60’s) is a group on Facebook that was started by Jim Prendergast.  Jim wrote in the description of the group:

“Let’s see how many of the L.E.H.S. Baby Boomers we can get to join this group. This era was when muscle cars ruled, gas was cheap, and life was good…..really good.

The 60’s were the BEST! Join & share your memories, pictures, videos, etc. and enjoy the site.”

Jim has done a great job setting up the group and we should give him a lot of credit for a job well done.

Here are a couple of photos of Jim (yesterday and today):

7 thoughts on “LEHS on Facebook”

  1. Jim,
    Thanks so much for setting this up for all of us. I don’t think you will remember me. I was pretty quiet in school. My husband doesn’t beleive that now.
    I’ve been the retail industry for most of my career and we have lived in several different states. Currently we are living in Dallas Texas.
    My husband and I have been married 42 years this year. We met in Boston and were blessed with 3 daughters. All three are grown now.
    Three college educations, three weddings, and 9 grandbabies later we are so happy. I married my best friend.
    I would love to hear from some of my old friends at LEHS.
    Some of us had a reunion from our old Elementry School Aborn – last August and it was so much fun. Jeannie (Cirica), Jo (Capano), Janis Vose,
    Lynn Urban, were just a few.
    I will send you pictures of our reunion for you to post.
    Thanks again for bringing back the memories.
    Helena (Francullo) Walsh

  2. Great story. Sounds like you have everything you could ever want or need. Kudos to you and the family.
    jim lampes

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to take a few moments to thank Jim and his friends for setting up this web site. It brings back so many wonderful memories about Lynn when it was a safe and wonderfull place to grow up. I wouldn’t change a thing about my childhood, it was great. Well now that I am just about ready to turn 65 I often think of all my friends which are to many to mention that I grew up with. Just a THANK YOU for being there and for Lynn for being such a great town.


  4. Hi All,
    We all owe a big “THANK YOU” to Bob Maleszyk for all his hard work. He has become the “keeper of the records” so to speak for our class. He has spent countless hours doing this. It was through him that I have re-acquainted with one of my long lost pals. If you know anyone who is a long lost 65er please have them get in touch with Bob.

    Hope to see y’all at the upcoming reunion this Sept. at Gannon Country club.

  5. Thanks Jim… your Facebook page for LEHS (the 60’s) is a pretty good example to go by. I hope we get lots of people at the reunion. Bob

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