Do you know who these folks are?

If you do, make a comment.   For a slightly larger view, click on the photo.  Anyone who has more photos of activities at LEHS that  you might want to see on the site, contact us.

7 thoughts on “Do you know who these folks are?”

  1. These are pictures from the ’65 Revue (I still have the program)

    First photo is Stewart Sutcliffe (65), Richard Mehm (66), and James Sterio (66) reprising their roles from “My Fair Lady”

    Second photo is Meredith Magee, Donna Collins, Nancy Loman, and Eileen Mackin

    Third photo is the Folk Group whose members were: Charles Libby, Colin Simson, Andrea Sommerstein, Linda Seymour, Ronald Stone, Scott Kavanaugh, Carol Holder, Robert Tibbetts, Nancy Dill, James Lampes, Stewart Sutcliffe, Philip Dubuque, Jean Letarte, Richard Mehm, Diana Praino, Nancy Loman, James Sterio, Roberta Steele, Janice Williams, and Bill Maher

    Fourth photo is Jeri Graham (as Peter Pan) – she’s singing either “I’ve Gotta Crow” or “I Won’t Grow Up”

  2. Beverly no fair! You had a cheat sheet … the program!! Now I have to find more photos to challenge everyone. Just kidding of course. I am also looking for more photos to challenge people… so if anyone has them… let me know.

  3. What about photos of the unknowns?
    I know I was one of those in the year book. See if you can find Helena?
    (maybe a Where’s Waldo series of the “Unknowns”.
    Everyone can pick out the “popular” group, but can they pick out others that were hidden within the yearbook in the background……….
    That would be really fun…..

  4. Hello.
    It is Monday, June 28, 2010. Maybe someone can help. I saw the picture which included Nancy Dill, whom I have just tried to look up on Google. Nancy’s relatives lived in Carmichaels, PA all the time she was growing up and in high school. I believe I remember that Nancy’s father Harry had a gas station in Lynn. During summers (from late grade school through high school), Nancy would travel w/ her parents to southwest PA for a long visit (several weeks). My aunt, Mid Smyth Areford, was married to Sheldon Areford, who was Nancy Dill’s mom’s brother. The Arefords, who lived in Morgantown WV (about 45 minutes from Carmichaels) are now long deceased. My aunt would enlist me to travel from Morgantown to Carmichaels to “play” with Nancy. We went through Barbies to boys on hay rides. I have not had any contact w/ Nancy since (probably) college…going back to 1969. Does any one know where she is? Thank you so much. Deb Smyth Green, Sugar Grove, Illinois (west of Chicago)

  5. Hello Deb. I spoke with Nancy today and she gave me permission to send her contact info to you. You should be receiving an email on it shortly!

  6. Wow Bob ……Looks like we aren’t getting many comments.
    You know what I found that your emails go to my spam folder.
    I wonder if you need to send out something on the website to let everyone know that they may not be seeing what your sending out.
    Hope that we just don’t have old classmates that are really “OLD” and not feeling like having some fun………:-) H

  7. The boy in the middle is Richard (Dick) Mehm in the 1965 EHS production of My Fair Lady (directed by Marion Benvie), in which he played ‘Liza Doolitle’s father. Steward Sutcliffe is the boy in front of him. I don’t know who’s bringing up the rear….

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